NATO promises to help Ukraine as long as it takes

BRUSSELS (AP).- NATO is determined to help Ukraine fend off Russia for “as long as it takes” and will assist the war-torn country to transform its armed forces into a modern army up to the standards Westerners, said on Friday the secretary general of the military alliance, Jens Stoltenberg.

Speaking to reporters ahead of a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Romania next week, Stoltenberg urged willing countries, either individually or in groups, to continue supplying air defense systems and other weapons. to Ukraine.

NATO as an organization does not supply weapons. “NATO will continue to support Ukraine for as long as it takes. We will not back down,” added the former Norwegian prime minister.

“Allies are providing unprecedented military support, and I hope that foreign ministers will also agree to increase non-lethal support.”

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NATO promises to help Ukraine “as long as necessary”

Stoltenberg noted that security organization members from 30 countries have been delivering fuel, generators, medical supplies, winter gear and drone jamming devices, but more will be needed as winter approaches, particularly as Russia attack Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

“At our meeting in Bucharest, I will ask for more,” he said.

“In the long term, we will help Ukraine transition from Soviet-era equipment to modern NATO standards, doctrine and training.”

Stoltenberg said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba will join the ministers to discuss his country’s most pressing needs, but also the kind of long-term support NATO can provide.

NATO’s top civilian official said the support will help Ukraine join the alliance one day.

The November 29-30 meeting in Bucharest will take place almost 15 years after NATO promised that Ukraine and Georgia would one day become members of the organization, a statement that deeply angered Russia.

The meeting will also be attended by the foreign ministers of Bosnia, Georgia and Moldova, three partners that NATO says are under increasing Russian pressure.

Stoltenberg said that at the meeting NATO “will take additional steps to help them protect their independence and strengthen their ability to defend themselves.”

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