Nazan Eckes can laugh about Stefan Mross' copied separation post

You are now “separate yet together, individuals yet one. Soul mates and now each going their own way”. Emotional words, for which Mross and Woitschack seem to care more than just a little about the moderator’s statement of separation Nazan Eckes inspired – some formulations appear as if they had been taken over directly.

“Amazingly similar” messages from Mross and Eckes

For her part, Eckes ended the relationship Julian Khol shortly before also public via Instagram. Friends asked her about the similarity of the two texts, the 46-year-old said in the RTL-Interview with presenter Annika Lau. In her post, she wrote in mid-October: “We had a wonderful and crazy time together. But then life had many challenges in store for us, too many… and we accepted each one. If one can say ‘in good, as in bad times…’ then us. We’ve fought our way through the storm and we can still look into each other’s eyes with love and respect. It may sound crazy, but we’re happier than ever (…).Separated yet together. Individuals and yet a unit. Connected forever and ever and soulmates and yet everyone is going their own way right now.” Eckes seems to take it with humor: “The resemblance is very amazing, I think it’s funny,” she now says RTL.

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