Nego do Borel detonates A Fazenda and shoots: “be careful”

expelled from The Farm 13, Borel’s Nego decided to advise other famous artists about participating in the rural attraction of Record TV. According to him, interested and invited people should be very careful with the proposed contract.

In addition, the famous who got involved in a controversy with Dayane Mello inside the game, said that he doesn’t know anyone who wants to return to the confinement reality.

“Seriously, before going to ‘A Fazenda’, you need to think a lot, read the contract more carefully. I don’t know one who left, who wants to come back. It’s not just my specific case. But be very careful with the decision. On my first farm, I was dying to leave, but I really wanted to come back just because of one person. Anyway. Pay close attention, I was an ass,” he said.

Anita spoke

It is worth noting that, after moving away from Nego do Borel, anita responded in the last week about whether or not to continue being friends with the guy who was ripped off for dating Duda Reis. According to the singer, loving is not supporting the mistakes of others.

“Loving someone doesn’t mean supporting and agreeing with all the person’s attitudes. I never left the person I love, Nego, but I never stopped talking, publicly and personally, about the things I don’t agree with. Whenever he needs it, I answer, receive it at my house and speak with all my sincerity”, she admitted.


By joining the podcast Bulldog Show, business opined about cancellation and said it was unfair, since it can make the human being lose all its structures.

“Brazil is changing. People are already seeing that this cancellation stop is an injustice that comes before the judge himself, who takes and ends the person’s life. We have to have a lot of willpower, a lot of tranquility and mental structure to be able to go back and know what we are going to do from now on”, he revealed, who still commented on the invitation to go to BBB 2021.

“I was considered, but then the thing blew up with my ex and I ended up not going, as I really wanted to. I was already getting ready to go, I had talked to my mother… I was already talking to Boninho on the internet as well. I think it’s almost impossible, but if they called me I would go”, said the singer.

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