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A new character will arrive to pique the interest of Isadora (Larissa Manoela) and leave Davi (Rafa Vitti) and Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita) dying of jealousy. Nelsinho in Além da Illusion arrives in the plot in the next chapters of the 6 pm serial and promises to shake structures.

Who is Nelsinho from Beyond Illusion?

played by Johnny Massaro, Nelsinho is a biker who will be introduced to Isadora by Inês (Laís Gavazzi) in the novel Além da Illusion. According to summaries released by TV Globo, the first scenes of the boy will take place on May 14, Saturday.

In his first appearance, the boy will already make Davi and Joaquim jealous. And it’s no wonder, since the girl is actually going to get involved with the boy. To get revenge on Davi/Rafael, who kisses Iolanda (Duda Brack), Isadora will kiss Nelsinho in front of the characters of Vitti and Mesquita in the novel Além da Illusion.

Also, in the next chapters, Dorinha and Nelsinho will end up trapped in Beyond the Illusion. After changing the look and accompanying the boy’s group of bikers, the girl will end up accidentally shooting the window of an ice cream shop.

Bikers will take the opportunity to eat ice cream and make a mess of the place. The police will arrive and arrest everyone for vandalism, theft and destruction of property.

What no one expected is that the arrival of Nelsinho in Beyond the Illusion will unite two rivals. Joaquim will propose an alliance with Davi, so that they can take down the biker. Úrsula’s son (Bárbara Paz) will confront the new character, but then he’ll end up cornered by the biker group.

Also not going to like the romance at all is Violeta (Malu Galli), Isadora’s mother. Even before her daughter’s arrest, the businesswoman will say that she intends to separate the two.

Who is the actor who will play Nelsinho from Beyond the Illusion?

Who will play the character Nelsinho in Beyond the Illusion is the actor Johnny Massaro. The carioca is 30 years old and has been in TV Globo projects for about 15 years. The famous boyfriend João Pedro Accioly, professor of constitutional law and doctoral student and master in public law at UERJ.

The two have been together for just over a year, but have known each other for decades. Massaro has already revealed that she has known João since childhood, when they became friends. This is the first relationship that the actor talks about openly on social media and media.

Isadora will be arrested because of Nelsinho in the novel Além da Illusion – Photo: Reproduction/Globo

Johnny Massaro novels

Nelsinho from Além da Illusion began his career in the Band, when he played João Pedro, aka JP, in the soap opera Floribella (2005 – 2006). When the project was finished, he got the role of Fernandinho in Malhação (2007) and made his debut on TV Globo.

Shortly after, he also won his big screen debut with Divã (2009), starring Lilia Cabral. Two years later, the film became a series on Globo.

In the following years, Johnny won participation in Guerra dos Sexos (2012) and then won the role of Fernandinho Napoleão in the soap opera Meu Pedacinho de Chão (2014), by Benedito Ruy Barbosa.

He then appeared in the miniseries Amorteamo (2015) and in the novel by João Emanuel Carneiro A Regra do Jogo (2015). After dedicating himself to some films, he returned to the small screen in 2018, with the soap opera Deus Salve o Rei. Afterwards, he participated in series and films, until he was the character Giotto in Verdades Secretas 2, in 2021.

Currently, Johnny is Nelsinho in the novel Além da Illusion and also released the film O Pastor e o Guerrilheiro (2022). He has two movies recorded that still don’t have a release date, Trance and Increase that is Rock ‘n Roll.

johnny massaro
Johnny Massaro in Meu Pedacinho de Chão and as Nelsinho in Beyond the Illusion – Photo: Reproduction/Globo

Beyond the Illusion already has a date to end

On air since February, Beyond the Illusion should end on August 19, according to journalist Flavio Ricco, from R7. Globo has not yet confirmed the date, but has already announced the next soap opera in the time slot: Mar do Sertão. Written by Mario Teixeira, the work is currently preparing the casting and production details. Recordings haven’t started yet.

The serial will star the newcomer Isadora Cruz, who will play the young lady Candoca. The character is in love with Zé Paulino, but the beloved is considered dead. Ten years pass and she is with another man, however, Zé Paulino returns. Romulo Estrela was considered for Candoca’s romantic partner, but left the production to star in the next 9 pm telenovela, Travessia.

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