Nelson Monfort reveals the date of his probable departure from France Télévisions

At 69, Nelson Monfort has a long career behind him. The journalist, who is thinking of retirement, would like to go to an important event before leaving the antenna.

Has retirement time come for Nelson Monfort? At 69, the journalist thinks about it more and more. An essential face of the small screen since his arrival on the antennas of France Télévisions in the 1980s, he revealed the date on which he could stop working in an interview with Jordan Deluxe. “I have in sight the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. I think it might be a nice way to take a first bow, confided Nelson Monfort in the show Chez Jordan. But not definitive. In any case, having to leave France Télévisions. I will not cling to the branches. I think I’ve come a long way so far.” If he therefore imagines leaving France Télévisions, the journalist does not yet dream (yet) of total retirement …

“I obviously have a few touches, one or two of which are quite serious, he specified. Each route is different. I tend to say that the real boss is the public. They are the ones who decide.” And in this regard, Nelson Monfort is well off since he is one of the journalists that viewers love. “I see polls on the notoriety and sympathy of journalists who put me at the top. My channel knows it”, added the journalist. And to confide in the relationship she has with the president of France Télévisions: “And to finish, each time I meet Delphine Ernotte, she is an extremely privileged contact. She is a person I love very much. I have more confidence in the years to come”.

Nelson Monfort: “If I’m an exception, maybe that means I deserve it”

“It will certainly sting a little. You don’t leave, after 30 years, a house like that, just saying goodbye on Friday evening”, concluded Nelson Monfort, who therefore imagines himself still working for two years on the antennas of France Télévisions. In the columns of TVMagazine a few weeks ago, he explained that he was not stigmatized because of his age, as was the case with some of his colleagues. “I don’t have that feeling and I hope I’m not mistaken. If I’m an exception, maybe that means I deserve it. When I do book fairs, those who come to see me are the children I’m not going to look for them. Sport is intergenerational. And figure skating is the embodiment of that.he confided. This ranges from little girls of 4 or 5 years old, to grandmothers and even great-grandmothers. And since men don’t hate me either, it’s the ultimate family sport.”

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