Netflix alert: One of the best fantasy series with 10 films is disappearing

The Harry Potter franchise is in crisis. The last part of the fantasy universe to date started in April. However, no Harry Potter film was more successful than Fantastic Beasts 3. How the series will continue is unclear. Maybe there is Harry Potter reboot.

Popular Fantasy Series: When Will the Harry Potter Movies Disappear on Netflix?

The actual cinema crisis but does not harm the love for the old films that have been released since 2001. Netflix took all 8 Harry Potter parts appeared in the winter before the launch of Beasts 3, along with Beasts 1 and 2. Since then, the films have consistently been among the platform’s most popular, consistently appearing in the Netflix Top 10.

But soon you will have to say goodbye to the 10 Wizarding World contributions.

  • The Harry Potter series disappears on June 30th completely on Netflix
  • So you still have 17 daysto catch up

Watch the trailer for Dumbledore’s Secrets

Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore – Trailer 2 (German) HD


Where can I still stream the Harry Potter films after June 30th?

The 10 films are available for longer on Amazon Prime and can be rented permanently. Also the newest You can now stream Fantastic Beasts 3 at home or buy it on Blu-ray *.

The Harry Potter series includes:

The Fantastic Beasts series includes:

Is Netflix still the best streaming service?

Netflix is ​​in its first really big crisis. In the Moviepilot podcast, we talk about the various problems that led to this.

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