Netflix wants to start advertising this year – and there is a rough date

We have known for three weeks: Netflix is ​​ailing. Instead of the expected 2.5 million subscription increases, there was one in the last quarter Down by 200,000 users. That hasn’t happened since 2011 and now Netflix is ​​in its first real crisis.

Countermeasures are required. The streaming service puts one of them in a report by the New York Times according to earlier than expected at: The Netflix alternative with ads should come this year.

Netflix with advertising: When should that happen?

The Times cites inside sources. Accordingly, Netflix plans to roll out the advertising variant within the last three months of the current year. So between October and December 2022. It’s surprisingly quick. The business games of an advertising-supported alternative have been haunting the company for a long time, but recently there was talk of one Start in the next 1 to 2 years .

Netflix with advertising: what should that look like?

No one is forced to watch ads on Netflix. You will probably have a choice in the future:

  • version 1: Pay less for Netflix but with ads
  • Variant 2: Pay more (or the old price) for Netflix but without ads

However, details are not yet known. The pricing model of the streaming service is currently organized in three tiers:

  • Basic: 7.99 euros
  • Standard: 12.99 euros
  • Premium: 17.99 euros

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The advertising model may only apply to the most expensive variant, which could make it more attractive for many existing customers. And maybe even more appealing if Netflix bosses Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos push through another measure: The company wants to curb password sharing.

Both the Anti-Password Sharing Initiative and the Netflix variant with advertising, the streaming service is realizing around the same time at the end of the current year, the Times sources said. So we have to brace ourselves for some changes in the not-too-distant future.

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