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Netflix’s Marvel series are finally coming to Disney Plus France

Netflix's Marvel series are finally coming to Disney Plus France

Daredevil, Defenders etc. had been canceled in 2018 and then removed from the Netflix catalog at the start of 2022.

From June 29 in France, the Marvel series from the Defenders universe – which were available on Netflix until the start of the year – will be added to the Disney+ catalogs. The production of the six shows had been stopped in 2018, a year which also marked the end of the collaboration between Disney / Marvel and the leading platform. On the program, we find: the three seasons of Daredevilboth of Tea Punisherthe three of jessica Jonesboth of Luke Cagethe only season ofiron fist and mine series The Defenderswhich brings together the heroes of the other five.

Released between 2015 and 2017, the ex-Netflix series are interrelated. If they are not directly integrated into the MCU, they still allude to it. Daredevilplayed by charlie coxalso appears in the last Spidermanwith its secret identity: matt murdock, lawyer from New York and therefore from the Spider-Man. He thus introduces the Defenders into this new universe. In addition, the actor has confirmed his return to the MCU after his cameo. During an interview for Radio Timeshe said: I don’t know a whole lot, but I know there’s gonna be something more to come “.

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To complete the Disney + catalog, the platform will only have to recover the rights to the Marvel Television series. Cloak and Daggerreleased in 2018 and currently on PrimeVideo.

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