New at Amazon this week: Lots of sci-fi, but only one movie is an absolute masterpiece

Amazon has added a lot of new additions to its range again this week. This time, the replenishment will please the sci-fi community in particular. The films vary significantly in quality, however there is also a real milestone.

Amazon Prime Video deliver sci-fi replenishment along with grandiose blockbusters

This refers to Steven Spielberg’s ET – The Extra-Terrestrial. The sci-fi drama about an alien and a little boy is not only considered one of the most popular examples of the genre, but also as one of the best films ever.

But if you already know Spielberg’s masterpiece by heart, you should move on to Transcendence or Code 8. Both have their flaws. While the former almost collapses under the weight of its ambitions, the latter remains little more than a well-polished genre banger. Depending on your taste, both can entertain wonderfully.

For all trash lovers there is Dune Drifter. The action film about a crashed female space pilot, which is suspiciously close to the Dune franchise in terms of title, can certainly not keep up with the previous examples in terms of content, sprayed with loving costume design and handmade effects but still some charm.

All new movies on Amazon Prime Video this week

All new series on Amazon Prime Video this week

  • Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya – Season 4
  • LEGO Monkie Kid – Season 2
  • Phungus & Mold – new episode season 1
  • Periphery – new episode season 1

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