New Movies in Week 19: 'Firestarter', 'Foodies', 'Last Seen Alive', 'The Ledge'

fire starter. Directed by: Keith Thomas. Starring: Zac Efron, Gloria Reuben, Ryan Kiera Armstrong. In: 64 cinemas

Psychic girl must protect her family from evil forces.

foodies. Directed by: Mannin de Wildt. With: Sanne Vogel, Sinan Eroglu, Sanne Langelaar, Holly Mae Brood. In: 103 cinemas

Romantic comedy about a food blogger who accidentally writes a negative review about the restaurant of the chef she has a crush on.

Last Seen Alive. Directed by: Brian Goodman. Starring: Gerard Butler, Jaimie Alexander, Robert Walker Branchaud. In: 67 cinemas

Man desperately searches for his wife, especially when he himself is suspected of being responsible for her disappearance.

The Ledge. Directed by: Howard J. Ford. Starring: Brittany Ashworth, Anaïs Parello, Ben Lamb. In: 16 cinemas

Mountain climber Kelly has a hellish adventure. She records her friend’s murder on her phone and is chased by the killers.

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