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New Star Trek series brings back character from one of the best sci-fi episodes in TV history

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It will be a while before we can stream Star Trek: Strange New Worlds in Germany. But we already know that a famous character from the Star Trek canon returns after more than 60 years in the series: Spock’s fiancée is meant. She appeared in one for the first time classic Star Trek episode up, which is one of the best in the series.

Star Trek Returns: That is known about T’Pring’s performance

She was briefly seen in the trailer, but deadline recently confirmed the appearance: Gia Sandhu plays the character T’Pring in the first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. The Vulcan Spock has been promised to be his wife since childhood.

Check out the trailer for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds!

Star Trek Strange New Worlds – S01 Trailer (English) HD

According to Deadline, the fiancé, described as intelligent, is actually involved in rehabilitating criminals and “to lead back to Vulcan logic”. She supports Spock in his attempt to reconcile his human and Vulcan sides and does so in the hope that it will “will ultimately bring them closer”.

T’Pring was featured in one of the best Star Trek episodes

On Starship Enterprise, Spock and T’Pring’s bond was difficult to say the least. In the Episode Space Fever (Amok Time) from the 2nd season begins with Spock (Leonard Nimoy) the so-called Pon Farr. This is the state in which Vulcans lose control of their ratio and are forced to mate. However, T’Pring (Arlene Martel), who has been promised to Spock since childhood, does not want to marry him and resorts to a Vulcan wedding custom: a deadly duel with the rejected man. She chooses Spock’s friend Kirk (William Shatner) as her fighter.

T’Pring in Star Trek

From this exciting basic constellation, the first episode of the second season developed one in several respects Star Trek milestone. Space Fever featured a number of firsts in the series’ history (such as the Vulcan salute along with “Live long and prosper”). The 1967 episode infuses the sci-fi franchise’s spirit of discovery with its theme of volcanic rites, offering intriguing characters, adventure and exploring Kirk and Spock’s friendship.

That’s why she appears in numerous leaderboards and is one of the defining ones Science fiction television classics. So it could be that we get a new perspective on Pon Farr in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

When is the science fiction series coming to Germany?

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds launches in the US May 5, 2022 on the Paramount+ streaming service. There is no German date yet. In a tweet from the official Star Trek Twitter accounts is just talking about that “additional international availability” of the series will be announced at a later date.

Paramount+ should be available in Germany in the course of the year as part of the Sky Cinema package, as an additional Sky offer and as a streaming service that can be booked separately. When that will be the case remains unclear.

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