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New to Amazon Prime: A fantasy masterpiece that will blow your mind with its visual power

New to Amazon Prime: A fantasy masterpiece that will blow your mind with its visual power

There are already countless medieval films, but like that visually stunning and to surreal fantasy rush compacted like The Green Knight, they rarely come along. You can now watch David Lowery’s film from last year’s cinemas at no additional cost and you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity.

The Green Knight changes between fantasy intoxication and horror trip

The film’s plot is loosely based on a story from Arthurian legend and revolves around King Arthur’s nephew Gawain (Dev Patel). In order to assert himself in the round of knights, he faces a duel with the Green Knight. After he cut off the tree-like figure’s headGawain is later to suffer the same fate because of a previously made pact.

Check out a German trailer for The Green Knight here:

The Green Knight – Trailer (German) HD

When the protagonist begins the journey to become the Green Knight a year later, The Green Knight itself disintegrates into one episodic trip full of surreal visual power and nightmarish impressions.

David Lowery’s fantasy film doesn’t build up any classic tension. It is already clear after the opening of The Green Knight that Gaiwan is heading towards his certain demise. Instead, the path is the goal here again and it could hardly be stronger than audiovisual festivalt overwhelm.

Encounters with giants, headless nymphs or talking foxes create a offbeat mix of fantasy fairy tales and hypnotically slow horror. The Green Knight is more reminiscent of art house representatives like Lars von Trier’s symbolic forest escalation Antichrist than of conventional knight films like King Arthur, Robin Hood & Co.

The Green Knight

In the end, David Lowery’s film is one too Deconstruction of the heroic myth of the radiant knight, who in this story degenerates more into a selfish coward. Above all, however, is the disturbingly gripping visual violence that makes The Green Knight one of the best films of 2021.

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