New to Disney+: The funniest Doctor Strange 2 cameo is reminiscent of the forgotten MCU total failure

About a month and a half after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was released in cinemas, the latest film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made it into the Disney+ streaming service. From today you can stream the sequel with a subscription. Along with this is also offered another MCU series on.

Attention, follow spoiler!

After Doctor Strange 2, you can stream Marvel’s Inhumans directly on Disney+

In Doctor Strange 2, one happens big cameo orgies. Patrick Stewart plays a variant of Professor X, while Hayley Atwell becomes Captain Carter and Lashana Lynch stars as Captain Marvel. There is also Chiwetel Ejiofors Mordo and John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic. And then there’s Black Bolt.

Black Bolt is about a cartoon character, which was introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2017 as part of Marvel’s Inhumans. The superhero is played again by Anson Mount, who is currently starting out as Captain Christopher Pike in the endless expanses of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds outside of the MCU.

You can watch the trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans here:

Marvel’s Inhumans – Trailer (German) HD


With the appearance of Black Bolt, also known under the name Blackagar Boltagon, Doctor Strange 2 brings not only one forgotten marvel character back, but also reminds of one of the few MCU total failures. For a long time it seemed like we’d never hear another sign of life from Marvel’s Inhumans.

However, thanks to Doctor Strange 2 and the completely unexpected Black Bolt cameo, the series is more relevant than ever. If you’re curious, you can all eight episodes of Marvel’s Inhumans stream on Disney+ after the latest Marvel blockbuster.

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