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A few weeks ago, the Government announced a series of economic measures to support the most vulnerable families within the framework of the Chile Supports plan. Among the benefits is the Chile Bonus Supports Winter 2022which payment has already started and for which a website was enabled where you can check with the RUT if it will be received.

How to check with my RUT and find out if I will receive the Chile Supports Winter 2022 Bonus?

This Friday, August 5, the 2022 Winter Bonus began to be delivered, which will correspond in total to more than seven million beneficiaries in the country.

The measure was announced by President Gabriel Boric and contemplates the delivery of a amount of $120 thousand pesos for people with lower incomes.

To receive the payment, a date will be opened for people who withdraw this state aid in person they can do it.

The rest of the beneficiaries will receive the voucher, to which no need to apply during the third week of August.

And next to the start of the payment, the government set up a website in which each person, consulting with their RUT, will be able to know if the 2022 Winter Bonus corresponds to them.

It should be noted that the first group to receive the benefit since August 5 corresponds to to more than 4 million 500 thousand people. Which in detail make up:

– Causes of Family Allowance, Maternal or Family Subsidy (SUF) as of December 31, 2021.

– People who received the Winter Bonus 2022.

– People with Disability Solidarity Pension Contribution (APSI) either Basic Solidarity Disability Pension (PBSI) as of June 30, 2022.

– Beneficiaries of Mental Disability Allowance (SDM) as of June 30, 2022.

About 80% of payments will be made through automatic deposits into people’s accounts.

Meanwhile, the second list of beneficiaries will be prepared with information that will be delivered shortly by the Ministry of Social Development and Family. This according to update of the Social Registry of Households (RSH) made on August 1.

Check with your RUT if the 2022 Winter Bonus will arrive by clicking this link.

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