Newcomer to Vikings Valhalla Season 3: Netflix Series Gets Hugely Muscular Marvel Star

Vikings: Valhalla goes full throttle. Not only are two more seasons ordered for the Vikings spin-off, in season an ideal Marvel star is to join the cast. Florian Munteanu finally had its berserk appearance in the MCU.

Florian Munteanu Boosts Vikings Valhalla Season 3 With Marvel Sword Arm

After all, already in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings he swung his sword towards the main hero. Once again Hollywood reporters reported, he plays in the Viking series Georgios Maniakes. Of the Byzantine general rebelled against his emperor and was crowned a competitor.

What extent its role in the Story about Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett) is not yet known. In addition, Munteanu will soon be appearing in Creed 3 and the Borderlands video game adaptation.

When is the Marvel star coming to Netflix with Vikings Valhalla Season 3?

When exactly fans Munteanu in the third season Vikings Valhalla will see, is not yet certain. It is possible that the streaming service will publish new episodes on an annual basis. Season 2 would then come in February 2023, Season 3 in February 2024.

Podcast: How good is Vikings Valhalla on Netflix?

Vikings: Valhalla continues the legacy of the hit historical series Vikings on Netflix. Many fan reactions are extremely negative.

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In the podcast we introduce you to the series and discuss its strengths and weaknesses. Above all, we ask ourselves how the reactions of many fans can be explained. Is Vikings: Valhalla worse or just different than the original?

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Are you looking forward to Florian Munteanu in Vikings Valhalla Season 3?

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