Avatar 2 gets wet

When I was sitting in the cinema for a long time, I was really excited again. On the one hand, because I was super excited to see which leaks about Doctor Strange 2 would turn out to be true (you can find an overview of the most important Marvel cameos here). On the other hand, because in the run-up to the MCU blockbuster the first trailer for Avatar 2 should run.

The moment came, I looked at computer-animated water, blue-skinned beings, heavily armed soldiers and lots of weird animals. But instead of enthusiasm there was disillusionment a. The sequel to Avatar I’ve been waiting for for 13 years looks like a run-of-the-mill video game.

Avatar was a cinema revolution, but who is still impressed by CGI these days?

Of course, Avatar 2: The Way of Water has a much harder time as a CG-heavy film these days than its iconic 2009 predecessor. In 2022, it’s almost impossible to wow anyone with simple CG animation anymore. CGI is standard in Hollywood. It feels like 90 percent of the MCU consists of unreal backgrounds.

Avatar 2 gets wet

Not only video game fans, but also moviegoers have gotten used to staring at deceptively real moving images that were created exclusively on the computer. So what would really be groundbreaking these days would be to avoid CGI as much as possible and to stage a magical fantasy world with amazingly real-looking costumes and practical effects. Avatar 2 is nice, in a way, but it still looks more like an average thrilling CGI blockbuster in the first trailer.

Looking forward to the sci-fi extravaganza after the first Avatar 2 trailer? It’s going ok

So when I see the first trailer for Avatar 2, I don’t think: Wow, what a visual revelation! It’s amazing what’s technically possible these days! I think: Looks like one Huge budget sci-fi fantasy RPG with a semi-interesting story. Except that in role-playing games I can at least have a say in the outcome of the story.

Maybe it’s because the trailer was only shown to me and many other moviegoers in 2D. But if James Cameron’s long-awaited sequel absolutely needs 3D, if strangely mutated fish creatures have to swim past my bespectacled face so that I’m as impressed as with the first part of the series, I might save myself a visit to the cinema in December. And rather play a game of Horizon: Forbidden West. There’s also sci-fi with fantasy elements, exciting underwater creatures and I’m not trapped in a multi-hour cutscene.

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What do you think of the first trailer for Avatar 2?

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