Nolwenn Leroy and Arnaud Clément: their difficulties

Every day his revelation about Nolwenn Leroy! The favorite Breton singer of the French, expresses herself without jargon in the pages of Sophie Davant’s magazine S, and indulges in her couple: “Living together is a daily job!”

Being together is work! And it is not the singer Nolwenn Leroy who will tell us the opposite. Well known for her discretion, but also her always fair and sincere interventions, the pretty 39-year-old brunette has chosen the intimacy of the columns of the magazine S of Sophie Davant to deliver on her couple. The one who shares the life of tennis player Arnaud Clément since 2008, evokes the secrets of their longevity, but also the reality of the daily life of a couple. “We understand late that in fact, living together is a job, which must be shared, conceded, maintained, protected. It’s a daily job. An extraordinary challenge.”

Nolwenn Leroy: “Living as a couple is a challenge”

An extraordinary challenge for the young woman with an extraordinary destiny. Adopted by the French song since the star academy who consecrated her in 2002, she found in Arnaud Clément her play and life partner. The one who will become the father of her child, a little sailor born on July 12, 2017. Since then, the lovebirds seem to spin the perfect love, far from glitter and clay.

An idyll of more than a decade which would almost act as a UFO, as Nolwenn Leroy confides. When I observe my surroundings, I see many more parents of my generation who are separated. We are even amazed when a couple lasts for years… It’s complicated. You obviously want to build a solid family for your child, but it’s a real challenge. Already, living as a couple is a challenge!”

Nolwenn Leroy: “I’m not happy with a man, I’m just happy”

In a talkative mood in the media, Nolwenn Leroy, who recently confided in her desire to expand her family, specifies: “To succeed in your couple, to preserve your family, to be a fulfilled woman: we have a lot of battles to fight“.

No question of expecting everything from the love of his life, for the one who grew up surrounded by women: “I have never sought the gaze of the father throughout my life as a woman. I never tried to realize myself through the eyes of a man… I’m not happy with a man, I’m just happy. Free yourself from the other, not waiting for his approval is a legitimate release. It is only like this that I conceive the love and the durability of the couple. My companion does not come to fill gaps, he is there and supports me, as I do on my side for him”. Nolwenn? A fulfilled woman, well in her life. Well in its time.

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