No less beautiful, but far behind in fifth place is Maria Furtwängler, who is currently responsible for the "crime scene" determined in Hanover.  9.3 percent voted for the 48-year-old.  (Photo)

There are few actresses of her stature who protect her private life as vehemently as Nora Tschirner, who has been a “Tatort” commissioner since 2013 and is also one of the most successful German actresses today.

Nora Tschirner is one of the most charismatic German actresses of the present. She became known to a wide audience in 2007 through her role in Til Schweiger’s “Keinohrhasen”. Meanwhile, the “Tatort” investigator, who plays the role of detective inspector Kira Dorn alongside Christian Ulmen in the Weimar crime novels, has an audience of millions at her feet. The daughter of a documentary filmmaker and a journalist started her career in 2001 as a presenter at the music channel MTV, but quickly wanted more.

Nora Tschirner makes a career: From “Star Catcher” to “No-Ear Rabbit” to “Crime Scene”

First roles on television followed, including for the successful evening series “Star Catcher” (ARD, from 2002). In 2003 she inspired the critics in the film adaptation of Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre’s novel “Soloalbum”, in which she shone alongside Matthias Schweighöfer. She has been a “Tatort” commissioner in Weimar since 2013, together with Christian Ulmen. Both were seen in the football comedy “FC Venus – Attack is the best defense” in 2006.

Nora Tschirner privately: She doesn’t want to be touched and photographed like in a petting zoo

Little is known about Nora Tschirner’s private life – she protects it like no other actress. In 2014, she told the “Spiegel” that her offer was not to walk through Berlin during the day, to be spoken to by everyone “and to be touched and photographed like in a petting zoo”. As an actress, she offers “that I prepare very well for my films and try to create a really entertaining product to give a moviegoer a cool time”.

Nora Tschirner protects her privacy

All that is known is that she became a mother in 2013 – however, Nora Tschirner has so far been able to hide from the public whether she has a daughter or a son and what her child’s name is. The actors keep such details to themselves. And so Nora Tschirner focuses entirely on her work as an actress, with which she regularly impresses. It is also unclear whether she currently has a boyfriend.

She is also convincing in her commitment to the needy. She is involved in the association “Aktion Tagwerk”. There she supports children in developing countries. Like her work as an actress, she does not put her social commitment in the foreground.

“Playboy” survey: Nora Tschirner is the most popular “crime scene” star

Maybe it’s this mix that makes Tschirner so popular, at least according to a “Playboy” survey, the actress is a real buddy. Which “Tatort” star would you like to have a beer with? According to a “Playboy” survey, the largest group – 11.4 percent – answered this question with the name of the actress Nora Tschirner, aka Commissioner Kira Dorn in the “Tatort” from Weimar. In second place (9.2 percent) comes Jan Josef Liefers, who plays the forensic doctor Boerne in Münster, followed by Til Schweiger (8.6 percent) aka Nick Tschiller, investigator in Hamburg. Almost one in five (19.6 percent) also voted Nora Tschirner the “most attractive” of the 30 investigators made available for selection.

Actress Nora Tschirner in the profile

Surname: Nora Marie Tschirner

Birthday and place: June 12, 1981 in East Berlin

Residence: Berlin

Star sign: Twins

size: 1.75 meters

eye color: green

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