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Anyone who follows the adventures of the couple Petruchio and Catarina from Monday to Friday must have been disappointed in recent weeks, when the feuilleton was not shown every day and the soap opera O Cravo e a Rosa hora had changes. Some chapters of Walcyr Carrasco’s work were not aired because of football matches that occupied the channel’s programming. However, you can rest assured that today (29) the broadcast will be normal, as well as on the other days of the week. Also check out what the station’s schedule will look like from July onwards.

Novela O Cravo e a Rosa today’s schedule

Today, Wednesday (29), the soap opera O Cravo e a Rosa will start at 2:45 pm, after Jornal Hoje, according to the channel’s schedule. The schedule is the same as always for the serial, which will not have any changes in its exhibition on the other days of the week.

Also according to TV Globo’s official schedule, available online for consultation, this Wednesday’s episode will have 45 minutes in total. Afterwards, the serial will give way to the Afternoon Session, which will show the Minions animation.

It is not possible to know what will happen in this new chapter of O Cravo e a Rosa, as Globo only releases the summaries of its unpublished serials. As reruns can count on several reprints, these screenings do not make the events of the feuilleton available in advance to the public or press.

Those who missed the episode on Monday (27) – on Tuesday (28) there was a game and the soap opera was not shown – did not see the following moments: the doctor told Petruchio that he has pneumonia. Candoca fell for Heitor’s conversation and believed the self-interested man’s declaration. Marcela asked Heitor to find a new crook to deceive Januário. And finally, Calixto told Catarina that the farm is in very bad shape financially.

Thursday and Friday hours

On Thursday (30) and Friday (1), O Cravo e a Rosa’s schedule will be the same: at 2:45 pm, after Jornal Hoje. On these two days, the feuilleton will also end at 3:30 pm and give way to the afternoon session. For now, TV Globo has not reported any changes for the next week, from July 4th to 8th, due to a football match or other programming change.

Check this week’s schedule:

Novela O Cravo e a Rosa time for today, Wednesday (29/06) – starts at 2:45 pm and ends at 3:30 pm

Thursday (30/06) – starts at 2:45 pm and ends at 3:30 pm

Friday (01/07) – starts at 2:45 pm and ends at 3:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday (July 2nd and 3rd) – the soap opera is not shown on the weekend

The soap opera o carnation and the rosa hora will have no more changes this week – photo: reproduction/globo

Globo programming will change in July, but soap opera will not be affected

Next month, TV Globo will make some changes to the channel’s morning schedule. The soap opera O Cravo e a Rosa hora will not be affected by the changes. As with the other serials of the station, none will change time slots for now.

And what will change? The Mais Você and Encontro programs will reverse their exhibitions. The attraction with Ana Maria Braga usually airs at 9:30 am, after Bom dia Brasil. However, now the program will start an hour later at 10:30 am. The meeting will be at 9:30 am now, which will no longer have Fátima Bernardes and will be led by Patrícia Poeta, who until then presented É de Casa.

On weekends, Patrícia Poeta will be replaced at É de Casa by Maria Beltrão, a presenter who was in charge of GloboNews’ Studio I for several years. The journalist will command the program alongside Rita Batista, Talitha Morete and Thiago Oliveira.

Times of soap operas will remain the same

The Carnation and the Rose: 14:45
The Favorite: 5:05 pm
Face and Courage: 18:25
Beyond the Illusion: 19:40
Pantanal: 21:30

Watch the broadcaster’s promotional video about the new schedule:

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