NPO commissions external and independent research into DWDD


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The NPO is conducting an external and independent investigation into the working conditions at the BNNVARA programme The world goes on. This should be about “what exactly happened behind the scenes at DWDD, what signals have been there and what has been done with those signals”.

There will also be an action plan in which the NPO and the various broadcasters jointly determine what is needed to create a safe working environment. The NPO informed this afternoon to State Secretary Uslu (Education, Culture and Science).

Former DWDD presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk was discredited in recent days after a publication in de Volkskrant last Friday. It stated that the presenter was guilty of transgressive behavior on the TV program for years. The newspaper spoke to dozens of former employees, who reported extreme outbursts of anger and public humiliation.

External party

In consultation with BNNVARA, it will be decided which external party will carry out the investigation. The NPO will inform the State Secretary at the end of this week how the approach to the entire process will be organized. The study must be completed before the end of the first quarter of 2023. The action plan must also be completed by then.

An action point that, according to NPO chairman Frederieke Leeflang, should be included in the plan is “better guidance for presenters, editors-in-chief and editorial staff who have to perform under high pressure when making the programs”.

According to Leeflang, it is also important to work less with short-term contracts. “It is our responsibility, together with the broadcasters, to ensure the behavior and culture that are part of a safe working environment for everyone who works at or for the public service broadcaster”.

Leeflang says to “respect” Van Nieuwkerk’s decision to stop at BNNVARA.

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