NPO ignores criticism and continues to commission DWDD research


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The Dutch Public Broadcasting (NPO) will continue to be the client of the investigation into transgressive behavior in the TV program The world goes on. The research is conducted by an external party with no ties to the media world.

NPO disregards the criticism of, among others, the Media Authority, that both the client and the person carrying out the investigation must be an external, independent party. According to the CvdM, the independence of the investigation is not guaranteed if the NPO gives the order, because the broadcasting umbrella does not have sufficient distance from the subject.

The current NPO video director Frans Klein was previously closely involved as VARA broadcasting director DWDD. He is mentioned in last weekend’s Volkskrant article about transgressive behavior as one of the directors who did not intervene when editors complained about misconduct by presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk.

Busy formulating

Yesterday, Klein announced that he is temporarily suspending his work so as not to hinder the investigation. In the article in de Volkskrant he said that he did not know about the transgressive behavior behind the scenes of DWDD.

The Board of Directors of NPO is busy formulating the research assignment. “The research will be carried out externally, whereby of course all guarantees of independence will be taken into account. The plan is also being discussed with government commissioner Mariëtte Hamer,” says a statement. Hamer advises the government on measures against transgressive behavior and is committed to a culture change that breaks through this behavior.

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