NTR stops Top 2000 programs with Van Nieuwkerk


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There won’t be any this year Top 2000 quiz and Top 2000 a gogo with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. Following the Volkskrant article about the culture of fear at DWDD, both the NTR and Van Nieuwkerk have come to the conclusion that it is not possible to continue the planned recordings, the broadcaster reports in a short statement.

NTR director Francissen says: “Despite the fact that the situation at the Top 2000 cannot be compared to that of The world goes on the debate that is now being conducted in response to the publications also has an impact on the team of the Top 2000 and the image of the program.”

The NTR keeps open the possibility that the Top 2000 programs will be made with a different presenter. This is being investigated and is the subject of discussion with the NPO.

Anger outbursts

Yesterday, Van Nieuwkerk himself announced that following the Volkskrant article, he is leaving BNNVARA, the broadcaster for which, in addition to DWDD, he also broadcasts programs such as Matthijs Continues and Chansons! made. “The fact that my employer openly doubts my sincerity makes further cooperation impossible,” said the 62-year-old presenter. BNNVARA then said to respect Van Nieuwkerk’s decision.

The Volkskrant investigation showed that the presenter agrees The world goes on been guilty of transgressive behavior for years. The newspaper spoke to dozens of former employees, who reported extreme outbursts of anger and public humiliation.

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