Olaf Scholz and his wife Britta Ernst are waiting for the guests of honor in Hamburg City Hall before the start of the Matthiae Mahl (2018).

The city of Hamburg shaped the life of SPD politician Olaf Scholz. The political home of the law graduate is today Berlin, where he directs the government business of the German state as Federal Chancellor. But how does he live privately?

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (then First Mayor of Hamburg) together with his wife Britta Ernst at the Hamburg Press Ball 2015.
Image: picture alliance / dpa | Daniel Reinhardt

Olaf Scholz is a thoroughbred politician. As a high school student, he joined the Jusos. His political path led him to the Ministry of Finance in 2018. In 2021 he took the next step in his career: he succeeded Angela Merkel as Chancellor in the traffic light government. On December 8, 2021, he was elected Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany with 395 votes. In his early days, eer has to deal with a number of crises. Can he even manage a crisis? Most recently, he was criticized for his attitude to the Ukraine war. A strenuous life. He finds emotional support in his wife Britta Ernst, the Brandenburg Minister of Education. How does this political power couple live?

Olaf Scholz privately: The most important thing in the Chancellor’s life is love

What sounds like the title of a romantic film is a piece of Olaf Scholz’s philosophy of life. So he confessed to the news magazine “Der Spiegel”. Politics determines his life. But for Olaf Scholz privately, love is above all.

Olaf Scholz has been married to his wife Britta Ernst since 1998, no children

Olaf and Britta have been happily married since 1998. And that, according to Scholz in “Spiegel”, has priority for him every day. It sounds as if the politician couple live the secret of a happy marriage: value each other and work on the relationship every day. Love and politics are the two fixed points in the life of the Scholz-Ernst couple. Her focus is on a political career and togetherness. The two, who were in their late thirties when they married, gave up children.

Olaf Scholz finds a new place to live in Potsdam

Olaf Scholz and his wife have been living in Potsdam since 2018. The beautiful city on the Havel is an ideal place to live for the couple. As the state capital of Brandenburg, it is where Britta Ernst works. She is the education minister of the federal state of Brandenburg. In addition, Potsdam is in the immediate vicinity of Berlin, where Scholz will direct Germany’s state affairs as Federal Chancellor in 2021.

Burglary in the neighboring apartment

The couple had been living in Potsdam for less than six months when a mysterious incident occurred in the house where they live: unknown persons broke into the neighboring apartment. This caused great public irritation and many question marks. The apartment of a vice chancellor and federal minister is well guarded by police officers. How is it possible that criminals could enter the house where he lives undetected? A police spokesman emphasized that the Vice Chancellor’s apartment was not affected. Nevertheless, the burglars got into his house and his apartment could have been the target of their attack. Almost frightening is the fact that in December 2020 – despite constant police protection – there was another burglary in the apartment building.

In the “Brigitte live” series of talks, the candidate for chancellor SPD granted a glimpse into his private life. The woman who would have shaped him the most was his wife, the Brandenburg Minister of Education Britta Ernst, said the Vice Chancellor. “I think I would be a completely different person if I wasn’t married to Britta Ernst.” His wife is a great politician – that’s why he was outraged by the question of whether she would continue to work when he became chancellor.

Scholz privately: I’d rather sleep late – and jog without music

It was also his wife who at some point gently pushed him to lose weight and thus to go jogging, Scholz said. In the small park near his Hamburg apartment at the time, he barely managed two laps – today, on the other hand, he runs several times a week. “I don’t listen to music, I don’t have any measuring devices on me either”, he doesn’t use a fitness app either, said Scholz. “And I don’t really think much about any stuff either.” He’s pretty much at peace anyway and doesn’t have to use running to calm down. He just enjoys running and it’s good for him physically.

He can sleep well and soundly – but often not enough. “I’m a late riser, but it hasn’t come to that for a long time,” said the chancellor candidate. “My life has been different from my internal clock.” His wife, on the other hand, is an early riser – as a pensioner he will probably come to breakfast when his wife is eating lunch.

Olaf Scholz’ commitment to the “More time for children” initiative

Although he has no children himself, Olaf Scholz has long been active in the Hamburg initiative “More time for children”. He was particularly committed to education and school support measures in socially disadvantaged parts of the city. This voluntary commitment shows that Olaf Scholz is able to think outside the box. Let’s hope he keeps this ability. Maybe as the next chancellor.

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