Omar Montes: I wanted to do my Lágrimas negras, not just shoot it

Madrid, (EFE).- The Spanish Omar Montesthe former “reality” contestant who began to conquer numbers 1 with reggaeton and trap songs that he did “in two hours”, presents his “masterpiece” this Friday, the result of two years of work- an album in which he turns 180 degrees his style to modernize flamenco and, as he told EFE, “vindicate himself”.

“I don’t want to sound pretentious, but I wanted it to be music that you have to study tomorrow; I wanted to do my ‘Lágrimas negras’, not just blow it up”, the best-selling artist explained about his ambitions with “Complaints of a thug” (Sony Music).

Unlike that multi-award-winning emblematic album, Montes (Seville, 1988) has not featured here neither the Cuban Bebo Valdés nor the Spanish Diego El Cigala, but the weight of the collaborations seduces without even going deep into the background with some of the current flamenco greats, including Tomatito, Duquende, Israel Fernández, Capullo de Jerez, Estrella Morente and La Tana.

Omar Montes: I wanted to do my ‘Lágrimas negras’, not just shoot it


“They all had a good predisposition because they know me and, apart from the fact that among gypsies we understand each other, they see if the talent is there or not. And Estrella Morente would not get involved in a ridiculous song. I have convinced them with the music, ”he says proudly.

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His purpose was to make use of an art that he had listened to since he was a child when his grandfather played Camarón de la Isla tapes in his car, “from the depths” like the complex bulerías from Jerez, and “to decorate it with the most modern to give it another visibility”, such as reggaeton, trap with its electronic “drops” and its later evolution, “drill”. It has not been easy.

He even bought a mattress to sleep on in the studio he has in the middle of the mountain and to be able to think about each song even more, in which, as a novelty in his career, the use of melody correctors is drastically reduced.

“Autotune doesn’t understand flamenco whining”, he argues.

His letters, some of them very personal and biographical, reveal anecdotes such as that he really has gold armor due to his fanaticism for the manga series “The Knights of the Zodiac” (“Cartier Armor”) or that he once made a “catfish” or impersonation. of personality that turned against him (“I was always him”, where the reply is given by the Spanish Malú, another of the surprises).

In cuts like “Placa alemana”, Montes also revitalizes the epic of quinqui cinema and addresses classic themes such as robberies.

Omar Montes: I wanted to do my Lágrimas negras, not just shoot it
Omar Montes: I wanted to do my ‘Lágrimas negras’, not just shoot it

“But this is not an apology for crime. Mario Casas, when he makes a movie about him passing a package, does not make an apology for the sale of drugs. It is a story. This is the same, ”he defends.


In a way, “Quejíos de un maleante” is what “El madrileño” by the Spanish C. Tangana (who also participates in this album) was in his rehabilitation and reconditioning of obsolete Spanish musical forms and motifs, here with an eye on on the outskirts of Madrid and the rumba group Los Chunguitos.

“Compare myself with Tangana, no, but with Los Chunguitos…”, concedes Montes, who acknowledges that “this album is a one hundred percent risk” due to the (temporary) change of direction that it has given to his career, but convinced that He will be the one who manages to “vindicate” him in front of those who still look down on him today.

“I may have been number 1, but people still say, ‘He’s here because he’s so nice.’ Platinum records are not earned by your face, but I appeared on ‘reality’ television and I have exposed myself a lot, because I speak the same about shady things, that I do not keep anything quiet, and that is why there are those who love me very much and other people no”, reflects who has more than twenty platinum and gold records.

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Omar Montes: I wanted to do my ‘Lágrimas negras’, not just shoot it

Why suddenly give up the cash machine in which the author of “Alocao” was installed together with the Spanish Bad Gyal? “My grandmother had cancer and I thought- If she and my grandfather, who are my inspiration, are missing me, why do I want to continue making music. Just in case, I’m going to make a record of respect ”, he recounts.

Their voices actually appear in the “Intro” of the album and, through them, half the neighborhood has already heard the album.

“They are like crazy. There I already know that he liked it, now we just have to see what happens worldwide”, says Montes, who confesses one of the dreams he has in mind- “I would be very excited to win a Grammy and put it on for my grandmother in the kitchen ».

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