Ludmilla denies indirect during the show and shoots: "It's crazy"

The actress Monique Alfradique warmed up the mood on social networks, this past Tuesday (22), after sharing moments from his trip to Argentina. The blonde collects 2 million followers on Instagram.

On the occasion, Monique opted for a provocative swimsuit with thin straps, to renew her tan by the hotel pool. The piece highlighted the artist’s body full of curves.



🇧🇷Good afternoon“, he limited himself, in the caption. Fans quickly left several positive reactions to the muse in the comments option.

🇧🇷Always beautiful“, “Perfect”, “what goddess” and “I’m speechless“, were some of the compliments that Monique received in publication.

End by ‘bean’

In time, the blonde was in the Faustão in the Bandin which she revealed the unusual reason that made her end up with a boyfriend.

Due to a childhood trauma, Monique said that she does not tolerate beans and that they once put them on her plate, causing her to take the attitude of ending the relationship.

🇧🇷if you do [feijão] the relationship ends instantly. It’s a childhood trauma, I don’t eat it for nothing. A boyfriend once threw beans on my plate and I finished it right away“, he said, without naming the person.

Pressure for aesthetic standards

Last year, Monique gave an interview to the journalist Patrícia Kogut, from the newspaper O Globoin which he spoke about judgments and pressure for aesthetic standards.

“We women, in general, are very demanding. And the fact that I’m a public person enhances this pressure, after all, it’s not just the neighbor or someone I know taking care of what I do or judging. People who don’t know me do it too.”she said.

“What I try to do is not deal with this situation in a negative way. Over time, I learned to take a stand and ignore unnecessary demands”, said yet.

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froze eggs

Recently, the artist, who is 36 years old, told the Extra newspaper who decided to freeze her eggs.

“I froze my eggs, I can be a mother soon. I want to, but not right now, not now. I use medicine in my favor in that sense. But even in that, the woman has to understand if it is her desire or if it is pressure from society, which expects that everyone forms a perfect family “said the famous woman, who ended her 4-year relationship with businessman Gabriel Drummont.

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