On Mother's Day, ex-BBB Gustavo asks Laís in dating and gets emotional

In the midst of Mother’s Day celebrations this past Sunday (8), Gustavo Marsengoformer participant of BBB 2022, decided to make official his relationship with Laís Caldas.

In a video shared on his social network, Gustavo showed his first visit to his mother-in-law’s house, which took place during a family get-together. The handsome man arrived equipped with two beautiful bouquets of flowers in his hands.

All romantic, the lawyer asked the beloved to read the special card he prepared with the special request: “wants to date me?“. Excited, the doctor soon replied yes.

“You are the owner of my eyes… 🌹A little video of the official royal request, just to make official what the whole of Brazil was already seeing. 👀 Lagustas, so ON?”, wrote the curitibano in the caption of the post, which had more than 250 thousand likes.

Among the comments, several fans of the couple were delighted with all the romanticism and wished much love for the two. “How cute!!!!! Cheers, people“, wrote the ex-BBB slovenia marques.

“Be immensely happy. You deserve all the love in the world”, “The last romantic when he reacts 😍”, “It got heavy, in front of the whole family lol”, “I want a man like that in my life”, were other messages from the fans.

Detonated Arthur in a special program

Last month Gustavo Marsengo was one of the highlights of the BBB 101 recording, because of his comments involving the BBB 22 champion, Arthur Aguiar. At the time, he stated that it was not a fair victory..

In conversation with Tadeu Schmidt, the lawyer did not run away from a clash and assured that he did not like to see Arthur being crowned as the great champion. According to Gustavo, many potential finalists left early and with an inexplicable rejection.

“I didn’t like it, I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it for several reasons, it’s not just because I didn’t win, I think a lot of people who left before the show (it ended) should have been on the show. I quote Lina, Lina could not leave with 77% rejection, as she did. I’m looking for my 81% rejection too (…),” she snapped.

Another person who stood out in the special program was Jessilane, who also took the opportunity to question Arthur’s victory. “That’s what I’ve been talking about abroad, not only because of the context of the game, because I think that everything that happened here favored Arthur so that he could have become the favorite”, she shot.

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