On TV today: Daniel Craig went nuts about Bond and really let off steam in this film

Note: We have already published the following article in a similar form and reworked it because of the current TV broadcast of Logan Lucky.

With the heist comedy Logan Lucky, director Steven Soderbergh has delivered a kind of redneck re-imagining of his own iconic Ocean’s trilogy. The film offers a large number of stars who share their weird characters with a lot of fun to play.

But one thing in particular stands out: Daniel Craig seems to be having the time of his life in Logan Lucky as Safe-Sprenger Joe Bang (!). You can watch his performance tonight at 10:50 p.m. on ProSieben. For Craig, the performance was also an unleashed recovery cure after the most extreme James Bond hardships his career.

Watch the German trailer for Logan Lucky here:

Logan Lucky – Trailer (German) HD


Before Logan Lucky, Daniel Craig was at his Bond low point

Before Steven Soderbergh’s 2017 film hit theaters, Craig was still the great Bond star first and foremost. But after James Bond 007 – Spectre, the facade of the professionally clarified secret agent got clear cracks in public. That was mainly due to one thing infamous interviewwhich the actor gave shortly after the end of filming.

Talking to the English Time Magazine When asked in 2015 if he would play Bond again immediately, Craig replied that he would rather break the glass in front of himself and himself slit the arteries with the shards would.

Of course, such a statement seemed much more radical without the context that Craig had just finished filming Specter – which he did from a knee injury with severe pain had to pull through. Nevertheless, one thing was certain: Daniel Craig is pretty fed up with Bond. Then someone like Steven Soderbergh came in just right, who let the actor rotate completely freely.

Daniel Craig was allowed to vent all his Bond frustration in Logan Lucky

In an interview with GQ Soderbergh spoke at the time about meeting Daniel Craig before filming free pass granted, with which he could play the role of Joe Bang as he wanted. The wacky result can already be seen in the first moment, in which the Bond star whirls through the film with platinum blonde hair, tattoos and above all (in the English original) a strong southern accent.

Watch another clip with Craig’s weird Joe Bang from Logan Lucky here:

Logan Lucky – Clip Joe Bang (English) HD


After so much shaping the image of the serious James Bond over the years, Craig was hardly recognizable in this role. His Joe Bang is a hilarious break from the strict 007 routine and gives an idea of ​​what other roles the star will have after he will soon say goodbye to the iconic figure.

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