On TV today: Epic 3 hour horror that traumatized an entire generation

Stephen King’s It is among the most influential horror novels of the last 50 years. Over three decades, the mighty work tells the story of a city in the USA afflicted by an evil force. The book has been filmed twice so far, most recently in two It parts by Andy Muschietti, which were released in 2017 and 2019. Before that, only one TV movie had dared to adapt it: It from 1990. And this 3-hour horror epic you can catch on TV today. Cable 1 shows Es at 11:15 p.m.

Today on TV: Watch the trailer for ES

It – Trailer (German) HD


TV tip: The complex horror film It lasts more than 3 hours

As mentioned, the story spans three decades. Unlike the remakes, the first adaptation takes place in the 1950s and 1980s, just like the original. In Derry, Maine piling up murders of children. Bill’s little brother (Jonathan Brandis) also falls victim to the series of murders. Together with his friends (including Seth Green as Richie), Bill searches for the origin of horror – and encounters unimaginable terror.

27 years later the children return to their hometown as traumatized adults and face IT again. This extravagant plot extends to about 1500 pages in the book. The film by Tommy Lee Wallace, which first appeared on television in the USA as a two-parter, takes about three hours. (This is the craziest It scene in the book that was never filmed)

A horror clown as a symbol of terror: How Pennywise traumatized a generation

The powerful being ES also appears in this film, especially in the Character of the clown Pennywise in appearance. No wonder. Tim Curry’s portrayal of the character is legendary. He interpreted the character with sadistic comedy. His Pennywise is already a monster before the sharp fangs break out of the clown’s mouth to eat small children.

That contrast re-established the actually innocent image of the clown and charged it with terror and unrelenting brutality for an entire generation. This 1990 IT film adaptation might not be a critical favourite. However, she was the greatest contributor to the manifestation of the clown as a horror figure in pop culture.

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