On TV today: One of the best sci-fi films of the last 20 years

In 2020 he surprised the Oscars with Parasite (Best Picture), eight years ago Joon-ho Bong gave us a science fiction masterpiece: Snowpiercer. The dark, hard-hitting sci-fi vision starring Marvel star Chris Evans is on TV today – find out when and where well below.

Outstanding Sci-Fi Movie On TV: What’s So Good About Snowpiercer?

We voted Snowpiercer the 5th best science fiction film since 2000. The film hasn’t lost its status as a young but brilliant showpiece of the genre. Snowpiercer still has the same impact today as it did in 2014. Why is that?

Snowpiercer – Trailer 1 (English) HD


plot and premise are perfectly coordinated: Joon-ho Bong’s dark work kneels with relish in its striking “We live in a society” mode, each individual topic is somehow relevant to problems that are currently occupying mankind. In the future the globe has become uninhabitable, a thick layer of ice covers it, People freeze to death within seconds when stepping outside. A last heap of the world’s population lives in a train that races endlessly around the globe on rails. At the back the “lower class” lives in the dirt, at the front the rich live in luxury.

Angry action and desperate class struggle in the sci-fi hit Snowpiercer

In the film, humanity is compressed into a small diamond of civilization under the greatest possible pressure from the environment. On the train ark breaks in a very small space distribution war out of. The film also resolves the conflicts between the layers hard fights and crazy comedy. In the middle of it all, a clueless but infinitely angry Chris Evans fights.

His character Curtis has no real goal, the main thing is to “move forward”, every car taken with bloody losses is a success. In preserving the little rest of comfort and quality of life there is no room for reason, nor for violence. The civil war looks like a hand grenade in a shoe box, the eruption hits everyone at some point. The walls of the train will soon no longer be able to withstand the wild mankind. From this confinement, Snowpiercer gains great cinematic energy and political power. The film has lost none of that to this day.

Snowpiercer airs today at 9:55 p.m. on Arte. The repeat will follow on May 13 at 1:50 a.m. The film will also be available in the Arte Mediathek afterwards.

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Where does Snowpiercer rank in your sci-fi list?

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