On TV today: Visually stunning & brutal fantasy action that has sparked several controversies
Zack Snyder’s gory fantasy spectacle 300 has many fans. Heavily acclaimed was the one heavily based on the comic book by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley,

unique bombastic look. And yet the action cracker triggered when it appeared several storms of indignation out.

Zack Snyder’s fantasy action 300 caused outrage when it opened in cinemas

They were ideological and political. The film traces the campaign of the warlike Spartans under Leonidas (Gerard Butler) against the Persian aggressors and their king Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro). Besides the historical inaccuracy was thereby the portrayal was criticized by the Greeks and their opponents.

Check out the German trailer for 300 here:

300 – Trailer (German) HD


Many drew parallels between the cinematic portrait of the Spartan code of fighters and fascist ideologies. the New York Post described the film as a dream for “Adolf’s boys“, slate thought it was a combination of “Racial fantasies and nationalistic[n] myths“.

Concurrently, Iran banned the film due to its portrayal of Persian culture (via realclearpolitics.com ). Many Western media also criticized their depiction as decadent, sexually lewd and evil in contrast to the noble Greeks (via The Guardians ). Some Iranian people even saw the film as an act of preparation for war against Iran (via time ).

Each viewer has to decide for themselves whether this assessment corresponds to the facts. 300 is certainly far from historical truth. Whether Snyder with it placed at the service of bellicose propaganda has is another question.

When will Zack Snyder’s fantasy hit 300 be on TV?

300 runs this Friday at 10:55 p.m. on ProSieben. If you don’t have time, you can catch up on the film at 3.40 a.m. It has a running time of 117 minutes without ads.

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