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One of Netflix’s most exciting sci-fi visions comes to an end

One of Netflix's most exciting sci-fi visions comes to an end

A train that transports the last survivors of humanity across an apocalyptic frozen wasteland. The sci-fi series Snowpiercer on Netflix is ​​a unique concept. This is ending now. Season 4 aims to complete the dystopian action-adventure.

Terminus for a unique sci-fi world: Snowpiercer says goodbye with season 4

This is reported, among other things, by Hollywood reporters . Producer TNT announced:

We confirm that Snowpiercer after its successful run over several seasons [nun] will end.

The talented writers, actors and crew brought an extraordinary idea to life. […] The series received critical acclaim [und] had a significant impact on the post-apocalyptic genre.

The series, which is based on both a comic book and the film Snowpiercer, had great potential, especially when it was cast with Jennifer Connelly, Sean Bean and Daveed Diggs. There were difficulties in production which was reflected, among other things, in various changes of the responsible showrunner.

When is Season 4 of the sci-fi series Snowpiercer coming to Netflix?

It is not yet clear when the big sci-fi farewell will take place on Netflix. Based on the start dates of the previous seasons but with a publication early 2023 to reckon with.

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