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The science fiction genre has brought us an amazing amount of exciting stories about time travel and time loops in recent times. However, one of the most innovative and creative contributions to this sci-fi genre is still far too unknown: the brain-bending surprise hit Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes from Japan.

Beyond the infinite Two Minutes has already delighted audiences at various festivals over the past two years and has finally been released in Germany for home cinema. You can get the crazy sci-fi insider tip as a limited media book including Blu-ray and DVD secure for home. Because you will surely want to watch this cult film many times.

Sci-fi comedy Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes delivers time warp madness with no cuts

Beyond the Infinite Minutes manages the tightrope walk between sympathetic humor and tricky time games and amazes more than once. The concept of the film couldn’t be simpler. Café owner Kato discovers an extraordinary connection between a PC monitor in his small apartment above the store and a TV in his café. On the PC he can see events happening one floor down exactly two minutes in the future play.

Watch the German trailer for Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes here:

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes – Trailer (German) HD


Kato and his friends first have to test this phenomenon extensively before the film finally vcrazier, more complex and imaginative by the minute becomes. Not much more should be revealed at this point about the wacky ideas that the sci-fi comedy jewel serves up.

Beyond the Infinite Minutes shapes in just 70 minutes (which even include a making-of in the credits) an ingeniously thought out and exponentially nested puzzle. Even more amazing than the cleverly constructed story is the implementation.

Namely, Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes is in a continuous plan sequence (with a few necessary but very well hidden cuts) filmed. The fact that the film was recorded with the most meager means and with an iPhone does not detract from the experience at all. But she shines meticulous and perfectly timed staging – and also the playful ensemble – too much fascination.

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes in Mediabook

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