One of the most scandalous films of all time appears in a limited edition - with an alternative cut

After the first 10 minutes or so of Irreversible, which leave you completely exhausted, the worst is yet to come. In addition to the incredible hardness, irreversible is also a refined masterpiecewhich disrupts the structure of similar films and robs dull revenge of all meaning.

On April 29, 2022 Irreversible will appear in a new limited edition as a media book. You not only get the shocking theatrical version, but also the alternative cut version, which turns the film completely upside down.

Scandal film irreversible in the media book with two different versions

The new edition of the scandalous film is a limited 3-disc edition in a media book:

At Amazon you can get the edition for 31.99 euros, at Saturn and MediaMarkt it costs a few euros more. the Limited Edition of Irreversible also contains the straight cut of the film on an extra disc. It puts the story back in the correct chronological order and seems much more powerful than a conventional thriller with a shock guarantee.

Why is Gaspar Noé’s scandalous film worth it?

The great feature of the theatrical version of Gaspar Noé’s film is its structure. It’s similar to Christopher Nolan’s Memento Action in reverse chronological order away. The film begins with the final scene, which is followed by what happened immediately before.

Until Irreversible arrives at its supposedly harmonious beginning, the characters suffer through it hell of Earth. The focus is on the trio of friends Marcus (Vincent Cassel), Pierre (Albert Dupontel) and Alex (Monica Bellucci), who attend a party. After Marcus misbehaves under the influence of alcohol and drugs, his girlfriend Alex leaves the party earlier. What happens then should not be revealed at this point.

the spiral of disgusting violence, which is finally set in motion in Irreversible, is seldom seen in a film as harrowing and detailed as it is here. At the premiere of Irreversible at the Cannes Film Festival in 2002, around 200 people left the hall early and the work triggered a scandal.

Gaspar Noé’s film is not just a test of courage for all die-hards who want to test their nerves. There is also one that is irreversible with the structure running backwards Reversal of typical revenge movieswho end up presenting the act of vigilante justice as a kind of salvation.

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