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Now available in theaters firestarter, the new sci-fi movie starring Zac Efron. It is an adaptation of the pPopular Stephen King bookwhich was originally released in 1980. Thus, it is the second time this story is brought to the big screen.

However, it seems that this new attempt is not being successful at all. And it is that the first critics point to one of the most disappointing films so far this year. In addition, they anticipate that it does not do justice to the twork of the famous writer.

Zac Efron’s new movie

Firestarter hit theaters around the world this May 13, as the new film by Keith Thomas and starring Zac Efron. A story that mixes science fiction and terror and that comes to the cinema for the second time.

The film focuses on Andy McGee (Zac Efron), a young father who must protect his little daughter after she develops pyrokinesis powers. Nevertheless, his enormous power is difficult to control and could put himself at risk.

Universal did not send the film to the criticsyes, they couldn’t see it until now. Perhaps because they were already anticipating the harsh reviews they would receive, make it one of the worst-rated movies so far this year.

In Rotten Tomatoeswith already 56 reviews, Firestarter he only has a 13% approval rating. By comparison, even movies like cats have had a better reception. In addition, the original version, which already had bad reviews, also beats it.

Rotten Tomatoes

«A strong contender for the most useless movie of 2022», Firestarter doesn’t have the spark to be anything more than just mediocre”“Saying it’s a missed opportunity doesn’t do justice to the utter flop it is,” are some of the harsher reviews.

It should be noted that the audience has not been much kinder to the new Zac Efron movie. On the same site, they rate it as “rotten” with only 46% approval. Thus, it begins to position itself as one of the films with which worst grades of the year.

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