Pantanal actress celebrates Maria Bruaca's success with the public

Known for working for over 20 years in the theater world, the actress Isabel Teixeira is seeing himself in a new moment of his career as he follows the public’s affection for the character Maria Bruaca, in the soap opera wetland.

In an interview with Ana Maria Braga on the Mais Você program, the actress opened her heart and commented on what it was like to receive the invitation to act in global production. She said that she took it all as a great gift, as she was a viewer of the first version.

“It’s a process, a job. I have this drawing of how I got there. I don’t really know how it is, but it’s open. I watched Angela [Leal] making [a Maria Bruaca na primeira versão da novela, em 1990]. When she did, it was an open work“, said.

“I think that this novel, this character, is also written by Angela. The first thing that came to me, an actress and theater owner, I had this woman in my imagination, which was something I said: ‘this is a gift’. I had seen it in 1990 and watched the entire soap opera last year“, she added.

Isabel also commented that she has had fun following the repercussions of the scenes on social networks. “I see on the networks: ‘put on a crop top, react’. I think the best. But it’s not that simple”, says the actress, who recalled how the kiss between Maria and Levi (Leandro Lima) was an important point in the story.

“This kissing moment is a step. She wants to go back to Tenorio, but there’s no going back when she takes that step. What will happen today in the soap opera is still struggling. If we solve Maria Bruaca’s story, I’m eliminated from the soap opera”, she joked.

Harassment of fans on social media

At another point in the interview, the actress said that she has been feeling very grateful and happy with the success of the soap opera, which, according to her, reminds her of the beginning of her work as an actress.

I’m feeling gifted and in love, as I was when I entered drama school at 20. years”, said Isabel, who added: “I still don’t think I have a concrete, real awareness of this scope. It’s all very new,” she said.

Isabel revealed that she still hasn’t seen such a big impact of the soap opera on her life, because she hasn’t been able to go out on the streets properly. But despite the lack of physical contact, on the internet Maria Bruaca has attracted many comments.

“I feel this heat more on social media. I’m learning to deal with it. I follow and I’m seeing this happen at the time of the soap opera. I’m very discreet on social media still,” she confessed.

“I want to answer everyone who writes to me. I try, but I found that it doesn’t work. I always read, whenever I respond, I laugh a lot. But I protect myself too. I have a certain distance, because sometimes people are very direct and that messes with us a little bit,” she said.

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