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Pantanal heartthrob, Marcos Palmeira is caught shirtless with his wife

Pantanal heartthrob, Marcos Palmeira is caught shirtless with his wife

Success with his character José Leôncio in the remake of Pantanal, the actor Marcos Palmeira58, was spotted in a rare public appearance with his wife, the artistic director Gabriela Gastal.

The two walked together through Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, in Rio de Janeiro, on the afternoon of last Tuesday (21). While Gabi wore a black t-shirt and leggings, the actor was seen in shorts and shirtless, flaunting his fit physique.

Marcos Palmeira and Gabriela Gastal have been married since 2016 and have no children. In a recent interview, he even said that the two tried to have a baby, but it ended up not happening.

“Gabi and I even tried. But the process is too cruel, too many hormones. It didn’t come, and we allowed ourselves to be like this, deciding not to interfere so much in this destiny”said the heartthrob from Pantanal to the magazine Look.

Despite that, Marcos is already the father of 14-year-old Julia, the result of a relationship with his ex-wife, director Amora Mautner.. Fatherhood even brought a new perspective to his life.

“Since my daughter was born, I had the dimension that time was passing, but I’m finding it good to get old. Learn more, understand me better. My daughter teaches me a lot in this regard, because it’s no use just talking if you don’t. What educates is the example”, highlighted it.

Marcos Palmeira recalls career crisis

In a recent interview with Veja magazine, Marcos Palmeira also recalled some challenges in acting and said he had already experienced a crisis in his career. According to him, this moment of reflection took place in 2003, when he played Fernando, in the soap opera Celebrity.

“I experienced a moment of crisis in ‘Celebridade’. Every actor dreamed of being the protagonist of Gilberto Braga. And when my moment came, the question came: is this what I want? I thought I was too plastered on the figure of the heartthrob.”said the artist.

After that, Marcos Palmeira looked for a way to “deconstruct” himself in the profession and decided to go in search of new learning.

“So, I traveled to France to take Delphine Eliet’s course and, on my way back, I looked for Amir Haddad to do a play. I discovered that the deconstruction I was looking for was within me. I needed to discover new avenues for my career”explained the famous.

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