“Papá Shakiro”: Man dances “Te Felicito” on TikTok and breaks the networks

The success of Shakira’s most recent song “Te Felicito” has spread from the playlists to the different social networks where thousands of users have replicated her choreography; One of them was a family man whom her daughter recorded performing the famous movements, the video was shared on TikTok and in minutes it went viral, earning the nickname “Papá Shakiro” on the networks.

The man did not hesitate a second to take the “forbidden steps”, he showed off with the choreography of “Te Felicito” while moving his hips in the purest style of Shakira.

With this, the father of the family made it clear that few can resist the catchy rhythm of the most recent success of the Colombian who, according to Shakira’s fans, reveals the reasons that led her to end her 10-year relationship with the Catalan soccer player Gerard Pique.

“Papa Shakiro” turns on the net with his hip movements

It has been the TikToker Devani Posadas who decided to share the clip that has now gone viral, and in which her father appears dancing to the rhythm of “I congratulate you” while imitating the robot-style steps that the Barranquilla singer has popularized in the music video clip.

in the recording dad is seen standing in the kitchen while apparently helping to prepare the food, at which point the song made famous by Shakira and Rauw Alejandro, artists who collaborated on this material, begins to be heard.

“The dad shakiro does not exist. The daddy shakiro…” reads the text with which the TikToker accompanied the recording, which has been a success on this social network, where it already has more than 600,000 views and almost 100,000 “likes”.

@devaniposadas Shakiro dad does not exist. Shakiro’s dad… #daddy #fypシ #dance #viral @Shakira ♬ I congratulate you – Shakira & Rauw Alejandro

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