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The participants of A Fazenda 2022 should be officially announced in the coming weeks, but internet users are already starting to speculate who are the celebrities who will be confined in Itapecerica da Serra from September. Lawyer Deolane Bezerra, influencer Léo Picon and singer Márcia Fellipe are some of the names mentioned.

Deolane Bezerra is among the participants A Fazenda 2022

Digital influencer and lawyer Deolane Bezerra is one of those listed for A Fazenda, according to columnist Léo Dias, from the newspaper Metrópoles. The famous would have even hired a team to take care of her social networks in the period when she is away and plans to launch a clothing line in the same period.

Deolane took to social media in 2021 after the death of her husband MC Kevin. The doctor draws the attention of netizens for her ostentatious lifestyle, including multimillion-dollar cars and luxury shopping. Just last year, she ventured into the world of music and released the track Meu Menino, in honor of the funk singer. On Instagram, he has more than 14 million followers.

Deolane Bezerra – photo: reproduction/instagram/@dra. Deolanebezerra

Latino is among the participants A Fazenda 2022

Today is a party… at Fazenda 2022. Léo Dias says that Latino is one of the names confirmed in the new season of the reality show.

The singer was very successful in the 2000s with the tracks Festa no Apê and Renata. Despite the popularity of the famous having dropped in recent years, Latino continues an artistic career – his latest release was the song Maria Revoada, in partnership with Michele Andrade, released this year.

Latino is the father of ten children by ten different women. One of his past relationships was with singer Kelly Key, with whom he had Suzana, one of his most famous heiresses, now 22 years old. On Instagram, he is followed by over 1.2 million people.

The Latin singer – photo: reproduction/instagram/@latino

Leo Picon

Another name highly requested by Record is the digital influencer Léo Picon, according to journalist Fefito, from UOL. The famous has more than 5 million followers on Instagram and has participated in the De Vacation with Ex, MTV reality show.

In addition to being an influencer, Léo is also a businessman and owner of the clothing brand Approve. The famous, who was once Colírio Capricho, has already been involved with model Isabella Santoni and singer Manu Gavassi. He is the brother of Jade Picon, who participated in the 22nd edition of Big Brother Brasil.

leo picon
Léo picon – photo: reproduction/youtube/leo picon

Natália Deodato is among the participants A Fazenda 2022

Natália Deodato is another name mentioned by Fefito. The miner became famous this year by participating in BBB 22. The ex-sister was one of the most talked about names in the edition after suffering retaliation and getting involved in conflicts with almost all the other confined, including her allies.

After leaving the most guarded house in Brazil, Natália was one of the highlights of the Beija Flor samba school parade, from Rio de Janeiro. The mining company now has more than 3 million followers on Instagram.

Natalia Deodato
Natália deodato – photo: reproduction/instagram/@natalia. Deodate

Rodrigo Mussi is among the participants A Fazenda 2022

Another BBB 22 participant who could be part of the cast of A Fazenda is Rodrigo Mussi. According to Fefito, the idea of ​​the production is to make the invitation official as soon as the famous person no longer needs medical care.

Rodrigo suffered a serious car accident weeks after leaving the confinement of Big Brother Brasil, from which he was eliminated in the second wall. After spending more than a month in hospital, the former BBB left the hospital and has been recovering at home. The ex-brother is followed by over 4 million people on Instagram.

Rodrigo mussi – photo: reproduction/instagram/@rodrigo. mussi

Marcia Fellipe

Another name desired by Record is the singer Márcia Felippe. The famous participated in the 2021 edition of Power Couple and yielded dozens of shacks alongside her husband Rod Bala. Even the broadcaster wants to call Márcia’s biggest rival on the show, Deborah Albuquerque, in order to bring more conflicts to the show.

The singer is known for the hit track Quem Me Dera, in partnership with Jerry & Smith, which has more than 400 million views on YouTube. Before going solo, she was part of the group Garota Safada, alongside Wesley Safadão, in 2010. She has 5 million followers on social networks.

Marcia fellipe presents new album at musica na band this friday band google chrome
Márcia felippe – photo: reproduction/instagram/marciafellipe

Deborah Albuquerque

The rivalry that shook the Power Couple between Márcia Felippe and Deborah Albuquerque could happen again, as the famous one is one of those listed for A Fazenda 2022.

The digital influencer, followed by more than 2 million people, began her musical career in the group As Ronaldinhas, in 2000. She was stage assistant for the comedy show Legendários, on Record, between 2010 and 2011, and has also been part of the Feira do Laughter, from RedeTV. Today, she talks about fitness living and healthy eating on her Instagram page.

Deborah albuquerque may be in the farm – photo: reproduction/instagram/@albuquerquedeborah

Thomaz Costa is among the participants A Fazenda 2022

Thomaz Costa could be another name among the participants A Fazenda 2022. As determined by columnist Bruno Tálamo from Ana Maria Digital, the actor and digital influencer was invited by the production to be part of the cast.

The actor became known for being part of the cast of Carrossel (2012), SBT’s soap opera. He returned to live the character in Carrossel: O Filme (2015) and Carrossel 2: O Sumiço de Maria Joaquina (2016). He also participated in the feature films Eu Fico Loko (2017) and Amiga do Inimigo (2020), and the series Em Prova (2019). Last year, he was one of the explorers of the reality show Ilha Record. He has more than 6 million followers on Instagram.

thomaz coast 1
Photo: reproduction/instagram/@thocostaoficial

Ana Mara

Ana Mara, Maroca from BBB 10 and 13, is one of the names among the A Fazenda 2022 participants, according to columnist Fábia Oliveira, from Em Off.

In her first participation in the reality, she was eliminated in the 12th week, coming very close to the final. Three years later, she left the contest for the prize in the ninth week – her sister’s departure was marked by Bial’s speech, who said “you lost, you know you lost. She lost one of Big Brother Brazil’s biggest favorites, Ana Mara”.

Today, and ex-BBB studies biomedicine. On Instagram, there are more than 950 thousand followers.

ana mara
Ana mara may be among the participants at Fazenda 2022 – photo: reproduction/instagram/@anamara

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