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Pato confesses that he tricked Silvio Santos into dating Rebeca Abravanel

Pato confesses that he tricked Silvio Santos into dating Rebeca Abravanel

Alexandre Pato revealed during participation in the podcast Speak, Brasolhopresented by youtuber Fredon the Desimpedidos channel, on YouTube, the beginning of the relationship with Rebeca Abravaneldaughter of Silvio Santos. He said that he “deceived” the presenter so as not to displease him and to be able to peacefully date the youngest of the SBT owner.

According to the football player, he spent three months hiding his tattoos after Fábio Fariahusband of Patricia Abravanelto say that Silvio Santos did not approve of people who had these types of drawings stamped on their skin. “Fábio told me: ‘hey, Alê, the father-in-law doesn’t like tattoos, no’”said Alexandre Pato.

Believing in Fabio, the athlete decided to hide his tattoos from his father-in-lawnot to run the risk of leaving the presenter disappointed. “I took my coat, to hide the tattoos. I spent about three months doing this. I used to put the sleeve of the sweatshirt up to here”he said, showing how he did it.

Nonetheless, it was all just a prank by his brother-in-law. Currently, he even says that his relationship with Silvio Santos is one of the best.

“We exchange ideas about football. He gives me a hard time like this: ‘ow, you have to score a goal’. Today it has improved. The approach, the conviviality is very good. I was very embarrassed. But not today, today we make a lot of jokes. Today I am the [genro] dearest”said the football player, laughing.

Please note that, Alexandre Pato and Rebeca Abravanel have been married since 2019. Previously, the famous was married to the actress Stephany Britofrom 2009 to 2010.

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Alexandre Pato almost gave up on football

During the interview, Alexandre Pato also revealed that he almost gave up being a football playerat the time he left São Paulo Futebol Clube, in 2020. The athlete explains that started playing tennis and ended up falling in love with the new sport.

“It took about two, three months and I started playing tennis and I started to love it. I said to myself: ‘Look, I don’t want to play football anymore, I don’t want to go back’. I even thought about stopping. I said: ‘I don’t want it anymore because I’m so happy’. I even went to the tennis championship, I came in second”, told Alexandre Pato.

Despite this, when he returned to the fields, he points out that the passion for football spoke louder. He currently plays as a forward for Orlando City, USA. “When I started to work in the fields, the desire came again. I was born for this, this is my love, lit the flame again”, he stated.

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