Patrícia Poeta wears a tight-fitting garment to exercise outdoors

Patricia Poet, a 45-year-old presenter, loves to exercise outdoors. Last Thursday (16), for example, the famous took advantage of the sunny morning in Rio de Janeiro to run and walk on the edge of the South Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Wearing a slim fit fitness look, the presenter was clicked performing her physical activities on Avenida Niemeyer. To complement the look, she wore sunglasses. In addition to style, Patrícia Poeta stole the show with her body in top shape.

It is worth remembering that, as of July, the presenter will be in charge of the Encontro program, alongside Manoel Soaresinstead of Fatima Bernardes. When Globo released the news, the famous celebrated on her social networks.

“Happy with the new challenge. Taking on the ‘Meeting’ of my dear friend and colleague Fátima Bernardes will be a beautiful challenge. Our paths crossing once again.” she said, who also replaced Fátima on the Jornal Nacional bench in 2012.

new learnings

In September of last year, Patrícia Poeta had a scare when she had to undergo emergency surgery. At the time, he had an inflammation in the tonsils and, due to complications, he was at risk of death. However, the presenter said in a conversation with Quem magazine, that All this made her see life differently and highlighted some lessons learned.

“I think this thing that I went through, the surgery, the scare, they were like a kind of ‘wake up’ really. You really have to enjoy life. You have to take advantage of it. Every day is important. Every moment you’re living with someone, you’re talking to a friend. You have to enjoy that moment 100%. said the famous.

Patrícia Poeta said that all this made her give more value to the present and enjoy every second as if it were your last.

“Sometimes we are in one place, but not at the same time. We’re there, but it’s on the cell phone. I think this thing that happened to me last year was pretty traumatizing on the one hand. And to have gone through all this and come back on top. It made me appreciate the present moment even more.”said the new presenter of the Encontro program.

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