Patrick Bruel: "I couldn't do it again...", the singer without filter on his love songs

Four years after Tonight we go out, Patrick Bruel returns with an opus entitled Again. Between introspection and societal observations, the 63-year-old artist delivers a powerful album. Meet.

Your new album Encore une fois will be in stores on November 18th. A few days before its release, how do you feel?

PATRICK BRUEL: Very well ! I have no negative apprehension. I’m proud of the rendering. I like the idea that a new album is a bit like a child taking flight, going towards his destiny.

Like your previous albums, it offers a mix of the intimate and the societal. Is it important for you to talk about the news in song?

Yes, it’s my desire to transcribe the civil society in which I live. I have always had a political conscience, I grew up in a very political family, I went to Lycée Henri-IV which was too. Writing about the news is part of my DNA.

You tackle strong themes such as drugs. What motivated you to write La Chance de Pas?

Drugs are a real scourge that can snatch anyone, even people who think they have been warned or warned. This subject has always been a concern and even more so since I have children (two sons aged 19 and 17, editor’s note).

You confess that you were “lucky” not to get into drugs. You haven’t encountered it?

I’ve always had it in front of me. There’s not a moment in my life when I haven’t been offered one. But that didn’t interest me. Is it because of my upbringing or having seen a guy die of an overdose at 17? Attending such a scene is calming.

You also make a terrible observation about our society. We are talking about it presents itself as the punch song of your opus…

Absolutely. It’s one of the strong songs on the album. She means a lot, especially in the times we are living. We can no longer be spectators of a world that is falling apart. This song is the observation of a frenzied individualism that takes precedence over our values, our convictions. There is an urgent need to change all this…

Your love songs are less… haunting. Were you less in love?

Quite the contrary ! Beautiful love songs are written precisely when one is unhappy. I have already written breakdown of melancholy on this lack of inspiration. I couldn’t do it again. (Laughs.)

Despite all the single Once again encourages people to move on, to fall in love again…

Make you want to leave, to get up… that’s always been me. A love story is strong. When it ends, the world crumbles beneath your feet. However, all it takes is one look to leave. It is true on the level in love as friendly or professional.

In your previous album, you paid tribute to everyday heroes. There, you put the resisters in the spotlight. Did you want to talk about the big story?

Rather the duty of memory that we should have towards these people of foreign origin (harkis, skirmishers, Armenians…) who rose up to resist and save our country. To the memories that we are talks about Missak Manouchian, hero of the Resistance shot in February 1944.

You dedicate a new song to your mother Augusta and her work as a teacher in the lovely title The Institute. Is this the sequel to Tell me?

Yes and no. I describe his work, but it is the books that have the leading role. It’s a song about transmission and the importance we must give to culture, the only guarantor of democracy and freedom. It is important to remember the importance of reading.

When you were a child, your musical universe was very eclectic. Was it the same with the books?

Yes the same. My mother guided me like my teachers. And then, there were the books that I was offered and which opened me up to other readings. I like novels. But I’m running out of time… The lockdown was great for that. I was able to sit down, read and reread Victor Hugo, Racine…

Two titles (I’m moving forward and Last Drink, First Coffee) are co-signed with Hoshi. How was this collaboration orchestrated?

I had met her at the start of her career, and I liked her universe. We sang in duet Love censorship. It was great ! Then she presented me with two attempts that turned into two important songs on the album.

Did your sons Oscar and Léon take part in this opus?

Of course, both were very involved. We talked a lot. They intervened at different levels by bringing me very good ideas.

You are a gourmet, you produce olive oil, wine, but do you cook?

The confinement led me to cook. Besides, my children say that there is a before and an after! (Laughs.) They love my chicken, my cream cutlets with my rice pilaf.

What else has this lockdown brought you?

Only positive things! I fought against Covid-19 for seven days. This period was very hard but, after, it was five extraordinary weeks. I was able to do things that I would never have had the time to do otherwise.

And in terms of cinema, theatre… do you have any projects?

I will participate in a Franco-Israeli series in 2023. The story is taken from the spy novel by Dov Alfon entitled Unit 8200.

The album comes out two days before the start of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. What are your predictions for the France team?

I need to watch the first matches, see if the players will be able to unite and be a collective. They have serious teams opposite… but, if they play together, they will be untouchable.

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