Patrick Dempsey: "The power-mad are making a lot of noise"

“They say the devil’s greatest trick is to make us believe he doesn’t exist,” says successful Italian banker Massimo Ruggero, played by Alessandro Borghi, at the beginning of the first season of “Devils.” Only to realize a little later that the devil is in them. And that’s exactly what the evil in people in the form of greed and greed is about in the second part of the series. About the dualism between good and evil. About the struggle of the protagonists with their weaker self.

The (bad) banker Massimo Ruggero played more of the “second fiddle” in the first season. His opponent Dominic Morgan served as the draft horse. Played by Patrick Dempsey, who swapped his Grey’s Anatomy surgical scrubs for a perfectly fitting tailored suit and whose charm was able to captivate staff, customers and viewers alike. The second season of the series is again based on the novel “I diavoli” by Guido Maria Brera.

Four years have passed and as of 2016 Massimo Ruggero is still the head of the New York-London Investment Bank. As Brexit approaches and Donald Trump is running for president in America, Massimo is coming under increasing pressure from the bank’s board of directors. This prompts him to bring team members from China on board. Suddenly, however, his former mentor Dominic Morgan reappears and expressly warns him that there is a silent war between America and China over the personal data of countless people and that his new partners will betray him. Everything revolves around the questions: Do you really have to be and remain a devil to survive in this business? And who can really trust whom?

Apart from various banker clich├ęs (Ferraris, designer furniture, coke), the series is unmistakably striving for depth. It is somewhat sobering that the second season is also male-dominated. There is no room for stable relationships or even families. As attractive women as possible (Members of finance teams or investigative journalists) make for a few good sayings with various cocktails. The eight-part second season of “Devils” is a tour de force through recent history from 2016 to 2020. It ends in the middle of the corona pandemic.

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