Paulo Gustavo's mother mourns a year since the actor's death

Dea Luciamother of the actor and comedian Paulo Gustavo, paid a beautiful tribute to his son a year after his death. He died of Covid-19 on May 4 of last year. On her official Instagram account, Déa shared an image in which she leaves a kind of rant.

It’s not true that everything passes… there are things that stay inside us forever“, states the message. In the caption of the publication, she talked about the lack that the famous makes. “I miss you so much, my son,” wrote Lucia, leaving several heart emojis.

Thousands of people liked the post quickly. In the comments box, several famous friends reacted and gave strength to Déa. “May God comfort you and keep your son in a good place! We love you so much,” wrote the journalist. Marcelo Cosme. “Its name is longing. Saudade, the LOVE that remains. Feel hugged,” he said. Astrid Fontenelle.

See Déa Lúcia’s post on social media:

Exciting tribute

A week after Paulo Gustavo’s death, a mass in honor of the actor was held at the feet of Christ the Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro. On that occasion, several celebrities were present and Déa Lúcia moved everyone with a touching speech.

“I am not strong as everyone says, my strength is in God. I ask Him every day. I believe and accept my son’s departure, but I ask Him to help me. Give me strength in my heart. I’m not strong, it’s faith”, said Déa, who was very emotional.

Difficult days in the hospital

At another time, Déa recalled her son’s struggle while he was hospitalized. The actor and comedian stayed in the hospital for almost two months and had ups and downs in his health.

It was 54 days of suffering, but you helped me. A kiss in the heart of each of you, I wanted to leave a kiss for each of the fans who prayed for him to be healed. I get on my knees for all the mothers who lost their children to this damn disease. With every death I grieve because it’s so sad,” he continued.

She ends by talking about Paul’s healing. “No child should leave before the mother. A kiss and thank you for being here with me. He healed. He’s gone, he’s totally healed. He is up there watching over us,” he concluded.

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