Pete Doherty opens up about explosive relationship with ex Kate Moss

In his memoir, titled A Likely Lad, out June 16, Doherty recalled his scandalous relationship with the British supermodel. In his book, the rocker mentions, among other things, a holiday they took together in Thailand in 2007, when Moss had to break him out of prison after he was arrested for using drugs with backpackers. But still under the influence of drugs, he became aggressive and violent towards his then-girlfriend before leaving the puzzled Kate Moss at the police station.

“Kate and David Tang came to get me from the police station and I was so mad I called Kate [beschimpfte] and gave her a flying kick, then I ran down the freeway,” Doherty writes in his memoir. “Next thing I woke up in Thai police shorts at Heathrow—I didn’t even have my passport,” Doherty said of his blackout at the time.

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