Philippe Katerine: a UFO in the circle of French comedy

With Eric and Ramzy, Dany Boon… the actor-singer chained roles and entered the world of Caesarized actors.

On the occasion of the first free-to-air broadcast of the Lionthe comedy worn by Dany Boon and Philippe Katerine, this Sunday on TF1, we share our portrait of the latter, written in January 2020, when the actor caused a sensation at the Aple d’Huez festival.

Article of January 15, 2020: He is best known for his quirky songs, for which he is a UFO in the musical landscape. To express himself, Philippe Blanchard hides under the pseudonym of Philippe Katerine, a crazy artist who dares to sing big words and unusual lyrics. It is this extravagant man who also received a César for best actor in a supporting role in 2019 for The Big Bath. Is Philippe Katerine therefore part of the circle of actors of French comedies?

To find out, you have to go back to the origins. Musical first. Since 1992 and his first album Chinese Marriages and Proofreading, the singer experiments. In music, but also in life. Katerine, for example, became a traveling rural cinema projectionist. He then released several records, but he doubted himself and his music and even admitted at the time that his life was “23 years of failure”. He continued to compose, then exploded in 2005 with his album Robots after allfrom which is extracted the title that made a whole generation sing:Luxor I love”. In the same way that he experiments musically, Philippe Katerine will experiment on the screen to satisfy his other passion: cinema.

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He begins slowly but surely by playing in Code name: Sacha in 2000, a short film by Thierry Jousse. Then he threw himself into making a short (One kilometer walk) and a feature film (pig skin). The 2010s marked a turning point in Philippe Katerine’s young acting career. By playing Boris Vian in Gainsbourg (heroic life) by Joann Sfar, he stood out in the world of cinema. In 2011, he then became the headliner of I’m a No Man’s Land, an offbeat comedy by Thierry Jousse, where he plays a singer whose entourage will greatly complicate his life. The French comedy already opens its arms to him, but this time rather in remarkable supporting roles. He becomes the villain Infernal Control Tower 2 by Eric Judor in 2016 by donning the costume of Colonel Colonel Janouniou, then he joined Ramzy Bedia in Owl the same year. He ends 2016 with What is this family?!where he is one of the parents of an XXL blended family with a complicated organization.

Far from accepting all films, Philippe Katerine decides at the heart. “A film requires a lot of energy. When I’ve finished the script, I have to say to myself: I can’t not do it”entrusted the actor-singer to France Blue Loire-Atlantique. “I choose roles with things I’ve never done.” In The Big Bath, he then tried synchronized swimming in a men’s team made up of seven men who were looking to regain a taste for life after failures or disappointments. Honest and spontaneous, Philippe Katerine accompanies the success of the film (more than 4,600,000 admissions in France) by attracting congratulations for his role as Thierry, the pool attendant. Until consecration. For this role, Philippe Katerine receives the César 2019 for best actor in a supporting role. “Well… that’s nonsense”, he had commented at the time when receiving his award. Even the César in hand, the insecure Philippe Blanchard sometimes made his comeback.

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Despite his price, the actor-singer remains true to himself in the films that will follow in 2019. yves, he plays the manager of a young rapper who has become a connected fridge tester. He finds Ramzy Bedia, Mathieu Amalric and his ex-girlfriend Jeanne Balibar as prefect in Wonders in Montfermeil, where the municipality implements a brand new policy that is quite crazy. In Our Lady, Katerine is a first deputy mayor of Paris. And in Lionwith Dany Boon, he returns as a doctor in a psychiatric hospital who, in order to find his fiancée who has been kidnapped, must help his patient, a so-called spy, to get out.

In this comedy presented out of competition at the 2020 Alpe d’Huez Festival, Philippe Katerine becomes a bit like the Kad Merad who accompanies Dany Boon and tries to reason with him. But for all that, his co-stars of the French comedy, Philippe Katerine has already been seeing them for a while. Certainly, the Caesar could well offer him even more roles, of a greater variety, but Katerine seems to continue to want to do what pleases her above all. “In a film, I want to have as few markers as possible”he added to France Bleu. “I didn’t know Dany Boon’s films at all, that’s what attracted me.” Crazy, but ultimately quite sure of his choices, with a real place in the world of comedy.

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