Piccoli and Noiret are additional gifts in Romy Schneider's book

Mahler guides you through all of her 58 films, from “When the White Flieder” to “The Walker from Sans-Souci”. He draws Romy Schneider in her roles, he uses the typography of the film titles as they appear in the opening credits, and is also minimalist in the text: one or two sentences about the content, plus a dialogue from the film. The fact that their partners Piccoli, Delon, Noiret, Kinski, Lino Ventura, .. are created with a few bold strokes is like an additional gift.

In this way, the book becomes a time capsule that you can use to travel long distances. It’s not about her private dramas, but Romy Schneider almost always looks sad.

Drawing above: Romy Schneider as she appeared in The Battle of the Island (1962).

Nicholas Mahler:
publisher btb.
128 pages.
12.40 euros

KURIER rating: **** and half a star

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