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Piccoli and Noiret are additional gifts in Romy Schneider’s book

Piccoli and Noiret are additional gifts in Romy Schneider's book

Mahler guides you through all of her 58 films, from “When the White Flieder” to “The Walker from Sans-Souci”. He draws Romy Schneider in her roles, he uses the typography of the film titles as they appear in the opening credits, and is also minimalist in the text: one or two sentences about the content, plus a dialogue from the film. The fact that their partners Piccoli, Delon, Noiret, Kinski, Lino Ventura, .. are created with a few bold strokes is like an additional gift.

In this way, the book becomes a time capsule that you can use to travel long distances. It’s not about her private dramas, but Romy Schneider almost always looks sad.

Drawing above: Romy Schneider as she appeared in The Battle of the Island (1962).

Nicholas Mahler:
publisher btb.
128 pages.
12.40 euros

KURIER rating: **** and half a star

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