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Santo Domingo.- When Burnet announced the 40th Anniversary tour with which it tours Latin America, it could have been thought that the duo of brothers travels the stages with a suitcase loaded with memories and that their voices were hooked in the worn closet of time.

Quite the opposite. What was presented last Monday by Lucía and Joaquín in the Carlos Piantini Hall of the Eduardo Brito National Theater confirmed that the interpretative quality remains over time, by delivering a show typical of musical theater.

At 8:48 p.m., the countdown of a successful career began on a big screen that began in 1982 with the first hit: Pega la vuelta, until reaching 2022, when the spouses Gloria and Emilio Estefan, through of the magic of the video, they congratulated the Argentine brothers for the celebration of their four decades in music.

Lucía and Joaquín Galán, dressed in black, appeared on stage and the shouts and applause from the audience, mostly female, did not wait.

Tomorrow, it was the theme chosen to immediately connect: “You locked me in a jail all your life, you stole my youth and freedom, I kept quiet so as not to lose you, I loved you, but the day I woke up I didn’t love you anymore…” , began Lucía and the public accompanied her, making it clear that from then on the songs no longer belonged to the duo, but would be shared in a night of songs and dramatic performances.

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“Happy Lucía and I, we were here a little while ago, three years ago, before that painful pandemic, but tonight has a very special value for us, because we are celebrating our birthday and we love to celebrate it in the Dominican Republic,” were the first words of Joaquín, warmly applauded by the audience that packed the main hall of the TN.

“So, tonight’s proposal is to spend a pleasant birthday, which with the stories that we are going to sing will probably feel identified, especially the girls, take advantage of this night ladies to do a kind of catharsis, and get home lightly Leave everything here, don’t worry, throw everything here and I’ll take care of it”, Lucía completed to the support and applause of the women.

They continued with This is not love, I am, Live without you, A flower, How do I say, Never again and Out of my life, songs that are part of the narrative of the Latin American romantic song, all written by Joaquín, and that with force the public snatched them away from Lucía, who enjoyed seeing how her stories have penetrated the people.

At the end of the performance of Ese estúpido que te llama, Lucía regretted that the title of the song was a little old because “today there is no longer a stupid person who calls you on the phone, today everything is through WhatsApp, they invite you out through WhatsApp , they ask you to marry you, they leave you, they ask you for money on whatsapp, everything, that is, the title should be ‘That stupid person who whatsapps you’.

The show continued with well-known themes such as Tell me, To that one, Decide, Brave, Me first, For that man, There is only one winner, If one of us poops and Owner of the night, which Joaquín wrote about the true story of a neighbor.

“When we were children, Lucía and I watched how luxury cars entered and exited that big house, and there was always a party, music, lights, and the distance from that man every time he left and returned was getting longer. Over time the absences and jealousy became an obsession and that obsession became madness, and she was left alone. The lights went out and almost every day she, badly dressed, fell asleep at the door, as if waiting for him to come back, and over the years, now like the Pimpernel, I wrote this song: Owner of the night”.

Undoubtedly, this is the interpretation with Lucía, which demonstrates the vocal solidity acquired over the years, and with her masterful performance she makes an audience rise from their seats that silently immersed itself in the narrative of this tragic story.

To break the ice came the songs to shake the body and in the company of four dancers the rumba came with Corazón gitano and Buena onda.

And the successes El amor no se puede olvidar continued, dedicated to his parents and brother, with which Joaquín made it clear that he and Lucía were siblings, because “when we arrived at the hotels they wanted to give us the presidential suite, to flatter us and we had to clarify that they were separate rooms.”

Accompanied by five musicians and two choristers, they continued with La familia, and before Traición, the magic of the video brought Julio Iglesias, who thanked the Galán brothers for having given the romantic repertoire so many stories that the public and artists like him became part of their everyday life

After the interpretation Cuando lo veo, another artist congratulated them: the Colombian urban Maluma, who stressed that despite interpreting a different genre from them, he learned about their music through his parents, faithful fans of Pimpinela’s songs.

And then yes, around 11:00 at night, the first chords of the super hit Pega la vuelta made the youngest stand up from their seats, who, with cell phones in their hands, performed it together with Lucía and Joaquín, who they fired, but the public asked for another, and was pleased with three: There are loves that kill, One more stupid and How much I love you.

Undoubtedly, a great night for the public that attended Pimpinela’s only date with the Dominicans in this turn of his four decades in music.

great success

The Pimpinela duo performed in a Skypro production, by the hand of the artistic impresario Pedro García, who achieved one of the concerts that has attracted the most audience this year in the main concert hall of Santo Domingo.

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