Pink Notebook in Large Families!  Héloïse Werner gave birth to a baby girl

Héloïse Weiner, the star of “Large families: life in XXL”, on TF1, announced the birth of her granddaughter on May 5, 2022. It was on Instagram that she gladly shared her joy.

Héloïse Weiner’s family in “Large families: life in XXL” was to say the least singular. Remember that Mathias and Héloïse had been expatriate students in England since 2010. This time is now over since the couple is in the head of a large family composed of William, 9 years old, Ezra, 8 years old, Noé, 6 years old, Eden, 5 years old, Iris, 3 years old and Oscar, 1 year old. For optimal family life, they moved from their home in Northampton. Note that Mathias and Héloïse had announced her new pregnancy less thanone year after their return to France.

On Thursday May 5, 2022, a new little girl joined the family! It was only on Friday May 6 that Héloïse Weiner shared the good news through his Instagram account. She notably shared a magnificent photo of the little piece of cabbage dressed in an orange and pink bodysuit. “Our little ✨Aria✨ was born! She arrived yesterday afternoon (date of birth 05/05) and weighs 3.2 kg. The delivery went wonderfully well. ❤️ Thank you to the friends who kept the big ones brothers and sisters so that we can live this moment at 2 (then 3)! Mat has gone back to take care of the siblings, I am one-on-one with our new love recruit for a few days… ” , announces the young woman”, she had captioned.

Aria will definitely be the last of the tribe.

Unlike Eden, Iris and Oscar, baby Aria was born in the hospital. The youngest therefore joins the example of these first 3 elders. Héloïse Weiner had confided, in her Instagram story of Monday, May 2, that she had gave birth to William and Ezra on an epidural. As for Noah, he came into the world naturally because of the lack of time.

In the tribe, only Iris and Aria were born on French soil. The newcomer’s parents are “very happy to welcome this 7th child”. Only they admit that little Aria would be fine their last child. So there won’t be more than 8th child on the horizon.


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