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Pinocchio: Guillermo del Toro will deal with Nazism in the doll’s new movie


This year two films will be released PinocchioAnd while the Disney production will have the childish approach with which we met the iconic doll, Guillermo del Toro’s version will have a twist. somewhat dark in its history.

Guillermo del Toro provides the dark details of the version of the Pinocchio movie that he is preparing

In this production, which follows the popular tale by author Carlo Collodi, he will use the animation technique called stop-motion.

And the truth is that little was known about the history that this adaptation of Guillermo del Toro would have regarding Pinocchio. However, the Mexican already overtook Vanity Fair some details.

“He (Pinocchio) will be recollected in a military camp in the town, because the officer believes that if this puppet cannot die, I would be the perfect soldier”. The filmmaker began.

Regarding the details of the synopsis, it is already known that the tape will take place in Italy. Before World War II when fascism was beginning to gain popularity.

Likewise, Guillermo del Toro promised that his version of Pinocchio would be very different from any another version that would have been done before.

He even said that he has always noticed some similarities between the history of Pinocchio and of Frankenstein. “Both are about a boy who is thrown into the world as soon as they were born. They were created by a father who then expects them to discover what is good, what is bad, ethics and morals, love, life and the essential, all by themselves. I think that was, for me, childhood. You had to solve everything with your very limited experience.

But that’s not all, since on tape, Geppetto will make Pinocchio with the wood of the tree that grew over the grave of his son. Although despite details as dark as this, the director says that it is a family film that will encourage children to have conversations with their parents.

“Currently, tremendous complexity is demanded of children. It’s much more daunting, I think, than when I was little. Children need answers and reassurance.” He adds.

for now, there is no exact release date For the movie. However, it is known that it will be released on Netflix in the month of December 2022.

If you want to know the first trailer of the version to be released by Disney, starring Tom Hanks, click here.

Here are some images of the Guillermo del Toro’s version:


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